Some volume ratios, in simple geometric patterns, are nearly equal to some important particle mass ratios in physics — such as the proton to electron ratio. Those correlations were detailed by me in a widely read journal in 1995. However, I did not then suggest why such correlations arise. Unless the correlations are merely coincidental, an explanation is desirable;and now I attempt it! It involves these notions: Low density aether votices or spheres in space having a Planck’s quantum of angular momentum;maximum nuclear densities (as in Bohr’s liquid-drop model);some aether-related speed-of-light limitations imposed on nuclear densities;and those small and large aether balls in space containing small and large energies, respectively. Those ethereal spheres are determined by what fits into neat, close-packed sphere patterns in space, and they share some energies and angular momentum with gross particles.

Keywords: Elementary particles, geometry, mass

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