A light particle, photon is described in terms of its mass, charge, radius, time-period, cross section area and contained ether. A complete understanding of the field in terms of 186-ether is provided. Resolution of the electric and magnetic fields is achieved in terms of length and time. The particle and wave nature of light is resolved. Photon particles ripple ether waves. One source photon pulsates and ripples the field quantized 186-ether. The acceleration of the source photon and field ether is exactly the same. This is radiation as opposed to convection. The Josephson constant enabled the elucidation of cross section area of a photon. The meaning of electric and magnetic flux is seen through the eyes of Phi. The Ether Force constant is validated. Many aspects of the nature of light are validated using experimental data. Superconductivity solutions are implicated in this research with real numbers.

Keywords: Wave-maker Photon, Field quantized 186, Torus photon, ether, Field, Flux

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