If we study the fundamental forces of the Standard Model, we find mechanical forces conspicuously absent. This error of omission is one of the most significant problems with physics today. Additionally, mechanical force theory is frozen in the physics of a distant past. If we look deeper we find that inertia is analogous to a current in a conductor and its magnetic field, and tops, gyroscopes and flywheels also behave in a magnetic-like fashion. Tidal forces between solid bodies are more magnetic-like than tidal, while the shape of spiral galaxies is more reminiscent of Lorentz forces than a gravitational force. Even effects attributed to General Relativity such as Lense-Thirring and de Sitter precession and the anomalous precession of the perihelion of Mercury are more simply described as magnetic-like effects due to rotating bodies matter. Now there is even a well-established force in the universe causing matter to accelerate away from matter. By combining these observations with classical mechanics we can develop a mechanical force theory, the matter force, which is mathematically consistent with electromagnetic force theory.

Keywords: Matter Force, unified theory, general relativity, gyroscopes, spiral galaxies

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