Herein, a full quantum mechanical deployment is provided on the basis of the frame drawn in the previous Part I. Thus it is striking to find out that occurrences taking place at both atomic and celestial scales, can be described based on similar tools.;Accordingly, the gravitational field, is quantized just like the electric field. The tools in question in return are, as we have shown, founded on solely the energy conservation law.;The relativistic quantum mechanical equation we land at for the hydrogen atom, is equivalent to the corresponding Dirac’s relativistic quantum mechanical set up, but is obtained in an incomparably easier way. Following the same path, a gravitational atom can be formulated, in a space of Planck size, with particles bearing Planck masses.

Keywords: Mass Deficiency, Gravitation, Quantization, Electric Charge, Metric Change, Planck Size, Planck Mass, High Energy Cosmic Rays, Gravitational Waves

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