In this current article we are analyzing in detail, T-symmetry (time reversal transformation) and P-symmetry (spatial inverse transformations) phenomenons in Armenian Theory of Relativity in one dimensional physical space. For that purpose we are referring and using our previous articles results, especially in the case of research mirror reflection phenomena (spatial inversion) where we are mostly referring to our main research article, published in Armenia on June 2013 (96 pages).

We are delighted to know that Armenian Theory of Relativity has passed the first phase of total ridicule and now is in the phase of active discussion in scientific communities across the world. This article can be considered as an answer to the physicists who criticize the Armenian Theory of Relativity by saying that the Armenian relativistic transformations and formulas are not an invariant under time-reversal transformation and therefore Armenian Theory of Relativity is wrong.

In the first section of our article we are showing that in the case of time-reversal, Armenian Theory of Relativity is in full agreement with legacy physics and therefore our opponents criticisms in that matter are baseless.

In the case of spatial inversion (in our case mirror reflection) Armenian Theory of Special Relativity does not contradict in quality with legacy physics, but gives a more detailed and fine description of that phenomena, which in the macro-world is mostly unobservable but plays a very significant role in the micro-world.

Our received results can explain many parity irregularities in elementary particle physics, especially the violation parity process in weak interactions.

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