Findings show that important fundamental principles of mathematical Physics are consistently misapplied to concepts of gravitational lensing or just simply ignored. The thin plasma atmosphere of the sun represents a clear example of an indirect interaction involving an interfering plasma medium between the gravitational field of the sun and the rays of light from the stars. There is convincing observational evidence that a direct interaction between light and gravitation in empty vacuum space simply does not occur. Historically, all evidence of light bending has been observed predominantly near the thin plasma rim of the sun;not in the empty vacuum space far above the thin plasma rim. An application of Gauss’ law clearly shows that, if the light bending rule of General Relativity were valid, then a light bending effect due to the gravitational field of the sun should be easily detectable with current technical mean in Astrophysics at analytical Gaussian spherical surfaces of solar radii, namely, 2 R, 3 R, 4 R, 5 R,…, respectively, where R is one solar radius. An effect of at least one half, one third, one forth, one fifth, etc., respectively, of the observed light bending noted at the solar rim within currently technical means should be easily observable effects. We note that a gravitational bending effect on the rays of starlight is yet to be observed by modern astronomical means at these distances just slightly above the plasma rim of the sun;a clear violation of the light bending rule of General Relativity. Moreover, the events taking place at the center of our galaxy, under intense observations by the astrophysicists since 1992, present convincing evidence that a direct interaction between light and gravitation simply does not take place. This highly studied region, known as Sagittarius A*, is thought to contain a super massive black hole, a most likely candidate for gravitational lensing. The past two decades of intense observations in this region have revealed not a shred of evidence for any gravitational lensing according to the light bending rule of General Relativity. The evidence is clearly revealed in the time resolved images of the rapidly moving stellar objects orbiting about Sagittarius A*.

Keywords: Gravitational lensing, Gauss’ Law, Solar Plasma Rim, General Relativity

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