Creation of matter (evolution) and annihilation (involution) into ether is the central theme of this research. The Schwarzchild radius is the diameter of etheric matter when atomic mass units (visible matter) or electrons collapse to ether mass. For example, the electron radius of 10 -15 m, as a photon mass, occupies 10 -58 m as ether. Thus there is a massive increase in electron density even while the electron mass is conserved. Furthermore a quantum of 2.040997717×10 21 electrons then forms a 186-ether mass which is the fabric of space. The 186-ether acceleration is huge and creates a super gravitational force. A black hole is matter as photon clusters about 186-seed ether changing texture to that of ether. The diameter of the conserved photon mass is equal to the Schwarzchild radius.

Keywords: Ether, Gravitation, Black hole, Event horizon, Singularity, 186-ether

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