Perhaps the greatest problem facing the scientific community is the inability to correlate the science of quantum mechanics (QM)?which very accurately explains the nature of fieldforces on the extremely small, subatomic scale?with the pseudo-science of general relativity (GR)?which ostensibly explains the nature of gravitational effects on the extremely large, cosmological scale. Whereas QM assumes that all field-forces on the subatomic scale are generated by the continuous impacts of force-carrying particles called?bosons? (although bosons have never actually been observed), GR assumes that there are no field-forces of gravity, and that the deflections of moving celestial bodies from straight-line paths when passing a larger gravitational body are not caused by the application of gravitational forces as stipulated by Newton, but are actually caused by the moving bodies traveling straight lines through space that has been curved by the presence of the larger gravitational bodies, thereby causing the straightline paths of the moving bodies to also be curved within the curved space. (For example, the circular path of the moon about the earth is assumed by GR to be a straight line through space that is curved into a circle by the presence of the earth.) GR provides no explanation at all for the physical forces of gravity, as, for example, the forces that are exerted on physical bodies that are at rest and in contact with each other, such as the earth’s gravitational force that is exerted on a person standing on a scale.

Keywords: Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity

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