The 20th Annual Conference of the NPA, July 10-13, 2013, at College Park, MD

This meeting was one of our annual gatherings that took place atthe University of Maryland in College Park. We want to thank Cynthia Whitney and Greg Volk for their many years of dedication as editor of these proceedings, and Jim Newburn and David de Hilster for putting on the conference and creating the 2013 Proceedings.

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 10

Cover of the Proceedings of the 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference

Cover of the Proceedings of the 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference

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Table of Contents

Adriaenssens, George, `The Imaginary Nature of Time Explains the Arrow of Time` 1
Adriaenssens, George, `What’s Wrong with Modern Physics?` 2
Ashmore, Lyndon, `New Tired Light Correctly Predicts the Redshift of the CorBor Galaxy Cluster` 6
Beichler, James, `The Point of Unification in Theoretical Physics` 9
Bennett, Robert, `Philosophy: More than the Middle of NPA` 19
Briddell, Charles, `The Structure of Energy and Motion` 29
Carpenter, Vincent, `Analysis of Einstein’s Presentation of His Book on General Theory` 36
Carpenter, Vincent, `One More Look at Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory` 44
Connell, David, `Transformation of Co-ordinates, Lengths, and Times,Revisited` 48
Daniel, Maurice, `The Dimensions of Time and Space` 52
Day, William, `Orbital Gravity in Our 3-Dimensional Universe` 57
De Hilster, David, `No God Particle Renders Particle Accelerators Useless` 59
De Hilster, Robert, `Aberration` 61
Domann, Osvaldo, `Gravitation as the Result of the Reintegration of Migrated Electrons and Positrons to their Atomic Nuclei`. 63
Domann, Osvaldo, `Quantum Mechanics Differential Equations Based on the Focal-Radius of a Particle Instead of the De Broglie Wavelength` 68
Dowdye, Edward, `Gravitational Light Bending History is Severely Impact-Parameter Dependent` 75
Faraschuk, Nikolay; Tsyuma, Yuri; Fomitchev-Zamilov, Max, `Study of the Mechanism of the Orgone Energy Biological Action on Living Organisms` 80
Gallucci, Raymond, `Time Dilation in Relativity` 84
Gift, Stephan, `Faster West than East: The GPS Invalidates Special Relativity` 87
Hansen, Helmut, `Is Special Relativity a Decidable Theory?` 92
Hohenberger, William, `Integrating Vector Particle Physics with the Dodecahedron Quark Ball and the Octahedral Hexagonal Fractal` 94
Holden, Theodore, `The Ganymede Hypothesis` 102
Holushko, Herman, `Tired Light and Type Ia Supernovae Observations` 110
Hu, Franklin, `The Cubic Atomic Model` 119
Hu, Franklin, `The God Computer` 129
Hu, Franklin, `Is Gravity Just the Electrostatic Force?` 133
Hu, Franklin, `The Real God Particle` 135
Hynecek, Jaroslav, `Gravitons, the Speed of Gravity, and the Generalized Newton Gravitational Law` 138
Jonson, Jan, `A New theory for Electromagnetic Radiation` 144
Kemp, Robert, `Conceptual and Critical Analysis of Bill Stubb’s Paper – An Assessment of the Gravity Data during the  March 9, 1997 Total Solar Eclipse` 148
Lang, Thomas, `Unified Fluid Based Theory of Physics` 154
Lawrence, Michael, `Accepted Relativistic Addition of Velocities and Energiesare Only Two-Variable Versions of a New Infinite Variables Formula` 158
Lawrence, Michael, `Interpreting Why Triple-Adjusted Planck Unit Observable Fundamental Properties Are Simple Powers of √(2πc/α) 161
Littmann, Carl, `Volume Ratios in Patterns vs. Mass Ratios of prominent Hyperons and some other particles` 166
Lopez, Jocelyne, `CERN Experiment: Are Neutrinos Indeed Faster than Light?` 170
Lopez, Jocelyne; Friebe, Ekkehard, `G.O. Mueller – The German Research Project “95 Years of Criticism of the Special  Theory of Relativity (1908-2003)”` 172
Lucas, Charles; Lucas, Charles, `The Structure and Symmetry of the Universe` 174
Marquardt, Peter, `A Proposed Sagnac Experiment` 190
Munera, Hector, `Is Our Sun Falling Toward the Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy?` 198
Munera, Hector, `The Empirical Basis for the Equivalence Principle: The EPF Revisited–Once Again` 204
Nagel, Natalie, `Universal Fractal Flow: PLASMA to plasma` 212
Nawrot, Witold, `Explanation of twin paradox according to the Euclidean Reality model` 216
Nawrot, Witold, `New Philosophy of Aether in Euclidean Reality Model and Interpretation of Indications of Sagnac and MM Interferometers` 219
Nikitin, Georgy, `Measurements of Variations in the Direction of a Light Beam` 222
O’Sullivan, John, `Space and Time` 225
Oziewicz, Zbigniew, `Are Peer Reviewers the Guardians of Truth?` 228
Percival, John, `Data That Allegedly Proves Special Relativity Disproves It` 232
Persson, John-Erik, `About the Wang Eclipse, Part 4` 237
Persson, John-Erik, `The Falling Ether` 239
Phipps, Thomas, `The Relativity of Simultaneity is a Mistake` 247
Putnam, James, ` Empirical Origins for Force and Acceleration` 250
Raftopoulos, Dionysios, `The Founding of the Theory of the Harmonicity of the Field of Light-Certain Consequences` 257
Roos, Jan, `Optimal Electrolyzer Design Assessment` 266
Rudikova, Lada, `On Multiple Approach to the Description of Fundamental Objects` 270
Sanchez, Francis M.; Kotov, Valery A.; Bizouard, Christian, `Censorship against Dramatic Refutations of the Big Bang Model and the Cosmic Anthropic Principle` 278
Sansbury, Ralph, `Gravity, Magnetism and Light` 281
Sauerbronn, Luiz, `Testing a Mechanical Behavior of Colors` 291
Sauerbronn, Luiz, `Testing a Mechanical Behavior of Light Reflection` 297
Schroeder, Paul, `Creating Matter from EM Radiation` 302
Sharma, Ajay, `Newton’s Third Law: A Critical Analysis` 307
Sotina, Nina, `A Trajectory Approach to the Schroedinger Equation, Structures in the Physical Vacuum` 309
Sotina, Nina; Lvov, Nadia, `Speed of Light in 3-Dimensional Euclidean Space` 319
Springer, Barry, `A Potential Electromagnetic Source for the Observed Wang Eclipse Anomaly` 326
Springer, Barry, `Does the GPS System Rely upon Einstein’s Relativity?` 329
Springer, Barry, `Refuting the Over-Unity Claim of the Multiple Moving Magnets Experiment` 331
Sujak, Peter, `Big Crash of Basic Concepts of Physics of the 20th Century?` 334
Sujak, Peter, `On General Reality of Gravity, as Well as Other Forces inNature and Creations of Mass Particles and Force Fields in the Universe` 342
Tovey, Philip, `Nu Nu Mechanics` 354
Wolynski, Jeffrey, `Stellar Metamorphosis: An Alternative for the Star Sciences` 364
Wsol, John, `Our Cosmos = Holographic 4D-Spherical Standing Wave` 372