The 19th Annual Conference of the NPA, July 25-28, 2012, at Albuquerque, NM

This meeting was one of our annual gatherings that took place at the Albuquerque Marriot Hotel in at Albuquerque, NM. We want
to thank Cynthia Whitney for her many years of dedication as editor of these proceedings, and Greg Volk and David de Hilster for putting on the conference and creating the 2012 Proceedings.

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 9

Cover of the Proceedings of the 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference

Cover of the Proceedings of the 19th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference


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Table of Contents

Allen, Dennis P., ‘Mass Varies in High Rotation Evenat Non-Relativistic Velocities!‘ 1
Anderson, Paul E., ‘Electric Scarring of the Earth’sSurface‘ 4
Anderton, Roger J., ‘The True Nature of Einstein’s Relativity‘ 12
Ashmore, Lyndon, ‘Supernovae Ia Light Curves Show aStatic Universe‘ 17
Baxter, Glenn A., ‘Time Also Speed Up, Dr. Einstein?‘ 20
Beck, Robert F., ‘The True Meaning of Einstein’s Relativity‘ 27
Bennett, Robert, ‘Einstein’s Train… Derailed! The Light Clock… Smashed!‘ 33
Bishop, Forrest, ‘Reforming Electromagnetic Units, Equations, and Concepts: An Extension of Ivor Catt Theory‘ 38
      ‘The Science of Censorship‘ 50
Borchardt, Glenn, Stephen J. Puetz, ‘Neomechanical Gravitation Theory‘ 53
Briddell, Charles “Don” Briddell, ‘Multiple Certainties‘ 59
Broadbent, Henry N. G., ‘The Nature of Earth DelugeCatastrophes‘ 67
Cao, Guangjun, ‘A New Non-locality Feature and Some of its Physical Implications‘ 71
Catt, Ivor, ‘The Resistive Capacitor‘ 79
      ‘What Happened to Electromagnetic Theory‘ 80
Cook, Jeffrey N., ‘Experiment on the Linear Increase in Efficiency with Multiple Moving Magnets over Pulsed Inductors‘ 82
      ‘A Unit-Derivation for the Vacuum Field‘ 97
Crothers, Stephen J., ‘Proof of no “Black Hole” Binary in Nova Scorpii‘ 111
de Hilster, David, ‘Consensus in Science is Wrong‘ 114
de Hilster, Robert, ‘The Wang Eclipse‘ 116
De Mees, Thierry, ‘Outsmarting Inertia‘ 120
Decandole, James, ‘Charge and the Shape of the Proton‘ 122
Dishington, Roland H., ‘Correcting the Texts: Fundamental Errors in Electromagnetics‘ 125
Domann, Osvaldo, ‘Unified Field Theory‘ 128
Dowdye, Edward H. Jr., ‘Gravitational Light Bending History is Severely Impact-Parameter Dependent‘ 141
Erickson, Peter F., ‘George De Bothezat’s Teaching on the Infinitesimal‘ 146
Fernando, Viraj, ‘Doppler Phenomena Determined by Photon-Cosmic Field Interactions‘ 149
      ‘Maxwell’s Laws and the Propagation of Light‘ 160
Fleming, Ray, ‘The Matter Force‘ 162
Fomitchev-Zamilov, Max I., ‘Cavitation-Induced Fusion: Proof of Concept‘ 167
Franzel, Thomas G., ‘The Logic of a Newly Designed Optical Experiment May Resolve the One-Way Light Speed Issue‘ 180
Gray, Andrew A., ‘The Twin Paradox: A Detailed Study‘ 196
Haranas, Ioannis, Omiros Ragos, Ioannis Gkigkitzis, ‘Radar Signal Delay in the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati Gravity‘ 203
Harvey, Bruce, ‘Classical Unification of Electromagnetism & Gravity‘ 206
Henderson, Robert L., ‘Lightwaves, Not Photons‘ 212
Hohenberger, William R., ‘Aethereal Fractal Structures for the Electron & Proton‘ 215
Holushko, Herman, ‘Detecting Gyroscopic Thrust‘ 221
Hunt, Samuel J., ‘A Matter of Acoustics: the Genesis of the Big Bang‘ 226
Hynecek, Jaroslav, ‘Transversal Fizeau Effect and the GRT‘ 230
Ionescu, Lucian M., ‘Remarks on Physics as Number Theory‘ 232
Johnson, Gary L., ‘A Description of Physical RealityWithout Mass Stuff, Charge Stuff, and Field Stuff‘ 245
Johnson, Robert J., ‘The Origin of Nodular Flint‘ 251
Kanarev, Philipp M., ‘Partical Resolution‘ 253
Kemp, Robert L., ‘The Net Attraction Force of the Gravitation Vortex‘ 260
Kiehn, Robert M., ‘A Topological Thermodynamic Basisfor the Cosmological Aether‘ 264
Klyushin, Jaroslav G., Yegor V. Pesterev, ‘The Thermodynamic Field’s Cycles‘ 266
Kohut, Peter, ‘E=mc2 and Einstein’s Failure‘ and Einstein’s Failure‘ 271
      ‘Special Relativity Theory Violates the Causality Principle‘ 273
Kopernicky, Jaroslav J., ‘The Equivalence Principle‘ 275
Kovac, Miguel, ‘Gravity and the Strong Force’ 277
Krishna, Rahul, ‘Origin of the Universe: a Theoretical Model‘ 281
Lang, Thomas G., ‘Unified Fluid Dynamic Theory of Physics‘ 296
Larson, Arthur A., ‘A Discussion on the True Natureof Gravity and Inertia‘ 303
Li, Zifeng, ‘The Baselessness and Irrationality of Modern Cosmology‘ 310
Littmann, Carl R., ‘More Insights into Pion Analogies: Lord Kelvin’s Ether Density; and ’SRT’ Limitations‘ 313
Lo, Chung Y., ‘How a Shaw Prize Is Awarded for Mathematical Errors of Christodoulou‘ 318
Lockyer, Thomas N., ‘Particle Structure Causes Discrete Fundamental Charge e‘ 322
Lucas, Charles W. Jr., ‘The Need for Reformation inModern Science Based on Universal Truth, Structuralism and Euclidean Geometry‘ 326
      ‘Symmetry of Nature Confirms Universal ElectrodynamicForce‘ 333
Ludovico, Mario, ‘Declining Speed and Frequency in Waves Crossing the Cosmic Space‘ 343
      ‘Gravitational Vortexes of Cosmic Plenum‘ 346
Marquardt, Peter, ‘The Paradise of Thinking‘ 358
Maxlow, James, ‘Global Expansion Tectonics: A Significant Challenge for Physics‘ 363
McCausland, Ian, ‘Reviewing the Riddle of Relativity‘ 374
McDowell, Al, ‘Why Relativity is False‘ 378
Meyl, Konstantin, ‘Vortex Physics‘ 380
Nassikas, Athanassios A., ‘Experimental Verificationof Superconducting Self Propulsion‘ 388
Nawrot, Witold, ‘Conclusions from the Model of Euclidean Reality‘ 391
      ‘Is Reality Euclidean?‘ 395
      ‘Proof that Earth Does Not Revolve around the Sun:and Consequences for Special Relativity Theory‘ 398
Odasso, Massimo, ‘The New Galilean Age‘ 400
Oziewicz, Zbigniew, William S. Page, ‘The Many Relative Spaces of Galileo and Poincaré‘ 406
Pearson, Ron, ‘Quantum Gravity via Newton‘ 410
Percival, J. Nicholas, ‘Twin Paradox Project UpdateIncluding the Mainstream Response‘ 417
Persson, John-Erik, ‘About the Wang Eclipse‘ 422
     ‘Stokes was Wrong‘ 423
Pollack, Gerald, ‘Batteries Made from Water‘ 429
Post, Evert Jan, ‘Ending Quantum Physics’ Dependence on Copenhagen Doctrine‘ 435
Reed, Donald, ‘Bose-Einstein Condensate: Hidden Riches for New Forms of Technology and Energy Generation:  Potential Glimpse into Inner Reality‘ 442
Renshaw, Curtis E., ‘Galilean-Newtonian Relativity‘ 451
     ‘The Gravitational Potential for a Moving Observer, Mercury’s Perihelion, Photon Deflection and Time Delay of a Solar Grazing Photon‘ 457
Romalo, Dan, ‘Absolute Time?‘ 463
      ‘Heuristic Essay on a Hypothetical Quanta-Aether Relation‘ 469
Rudikova, Lada Vladimirovna, Evgenij Vladimirovich Rudikov, ‘Approaches to Explain Particle Mass Spectra‘ 476
Sansbury, Ralph, ‘Gravitational Fields and MagneticFields‘ 480
      ‘The Speed of Light: Cumulative Instantaneous Forces at a Distance‘ 485
Sarkadi, Dezso, ‘The Effect of Light on Gravity: Gravitational Telecommunication by Dynamic Gravity‘ 489
 ‘The Structure of Physical Mass: Introduction to Self-Momentum Theory‘ 493
Sauerbronn, Luiz Eduardo A., Rodrigo José Correa, Marcelo Dreux, ‘Testing a Mechanical Behavior of Light‘ 503
Schroeder, Paul, ‘Creating Matter from EM Radiation‘ 510
      ‘Gravity and Revolution Rates within Galaxies‘ 514
Scott, Donald E., ‘An Electric Universe View of Stellar and Galactic Formation‘ 517
      ‘The Electronic Sun‘ 520
Selleri, Franco, ‘The Sagnac Effect, Once More‘ 525
Setterfield, Barry J., ‘Zero Point Energy and Relativity‘ 528
      ‘Zero Point Energy, Light and Time‘ 549
Shaw, Duncan W., ‘Unity Between Gravitational And Electromagnetic Forces: A Concept‘ 564
Smulsky, Joseph J., ‘Letter to the Antirelativists‘ 567
      ‘On the Forces and Knowledge of the World‘ 569
Sotina, Nina B, ‘Derivation of the Schrodinger Equation from the Laws of Classical Mechanics Taking into Account the Ether‘ 572
Steinbacher, Michael Meade, ‘The Consequences of a Reversal of the Rotation of Earth‘ 579
Storms, Edmund, ‘What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? (2012 John Chappell Memorial Paper)‘ 581
Stubbs, Bill, ‘A Model of the Electron Based on ItsMagnetic Moment‘ 588
Sykes, Nicholas J. G., ‘How Hard Is Hard Science? – A Caribbean View of the Electric Universe Paradigm‘ 591
Talbott, David, ‘Remembering the Great Comet‘ 597
Terry, Kelland David, ‘Elastic String Theory for a 3-D World‘ 606
Thornhill, Wallace, ‘The Electric Universe Illuminates Recent Discoveries‘ 610
Ticer, Bobby D., ‘The Cosmic Coincidence‘ 614
Tobie, Roger S., ‘What Can You Learn from a Hole in the Ground, a Tent Pole, Two Pieces of Rope, and TwoTent Pegs‘ 621
Tombe, David, ‘The Double Helix and the Compound Centrifugal Force‘ 629
Torrebadell, Sean Ray, ‘The Fundamental Particle‘ 631
Tsybin, Aleksandr M., ‘Galilean and Lorentz Transformations‘ 638
Volk, Greg, ‘Analysis of Lockyer Cubes‘ 641
      ‘Fourier Closed Loops‘ 647
Weber, Charles E., ‘A Possible Meteorite Impact Initiation of the Cambrian‘ 651
Wells, Stewart Ian, ‘Gyroscopic Paradox of Motion, Part II‘ 652
Whitney, Cynthia Kolb, ‘About the Arrow of Time‘ 655
Williams, Pharis E., ‘Gravity‘ 661
      ‘Physical Time‘ 668
Yarman, Tolga, ‘Superluminal Wave-Like Interaction,or The Same, De Broglie Relationship, as Imposed by the Law of Energy Conservation, in All Kinds ofInteraction, Making a Whole New Unification‘ 672