The 18th Annual Conference of the NPA, July 6-9, 2011, at College Park, MD

This meeting was one of our annual gatherings that took place at the campus of the University of Maryland at College Park. We want to thank Cynthia Whitney for her many years ofdedication as editor of these proceedings, and DonBriddell, Greg Volk and David de Hilster for putting on the conference and creating the 2011 Proceedings.

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 8

Cover of the Conference Proceedings of the 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance

Cover of the Conference Proceedings of the 18th Natural Philosophy Alliance

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Table of Contents


Velimir Abramovic, ‘Mathematical Methods to Refute Einstein’s Electrodynamics‘ 1
Neal Adams, ‘Subduction: The Extent & Duration‘ 4
Dennis P. Allen, ‘Neo-Newtonian Theory‘ 7
Roger J. Anderton, ‘Einstein’s Theory Revised by Person(s) Unknown‘ 17
Lyndon E. Ashmore, ‘Intrinsic Plasma Redshifts Now Reproduced in the Laboratory‘ :
‘A Discussion in Terms of New Tired Light‘
     ‘Gamma-Ray Lines of the X-Class Solar Flare of July 23rd, 2002 Provide Direct Evidence of New Tired Light‘ 22
Pal Asija, ‘A Systems View of the Universe as ONE Reality‘ 28
Andre K. T. Assis, ‘Consequences of Relational Time‘ 36
Robert F. Beck, ‘Verifying Evidence for the Predictions of The Special Theory of Reality‘ 39
Robert J. Bennett, ‘The ALFA Model: Absolute Lab Frame and Flexible Aether‘ 44
Bernard R. Bligh, ‘Has Cosmology taken a Wrong Turn in its Historical Development?‘ 54
T. B. Bon, ‘The Theory of Field Interaction: An Introduction‘ 56
Glenn Borchardt, ‘Einstein’s Most Important Philosophical Error‘ 64
Dan Brasoveanu, ‘The Meaning of EPR Paradox and Bell’s Theorem‘ 69
Don Briddell, ‘The Neutron: Modeled as a Fieldstructure‘ 75
Michael H. Brill, ‘Infinite-Rydberg Limit of the Hydrogen Atom: The Lowest-Energy Unbound States‘ 84
Henrik Vilhelm Broberg, ‘Gravitation, Mass, Expanding Universe‘ 86
Steven Bryant, ‘The Twin Paradox: Why it is Required by Relativity‘ 96
Steven Bryant, Glenn Borchardt, ‘Failure of the Relativistic Hypercone‘ 99
Dwardu Cardona, ‘Earth’s Primeval Polar Heat‘ 102
James Carter, ‘The True Direction of Gravitational Force‘ 107
Ivor Catt, ‘Does Faraday Allow Superposition?’ 111
Yi-Fang Chang, ‘“Negative Temperature”, a Necessaryand Sufficient Condition for Entropy Decrease in an Isolated System‘ 116
Ev Cochrane, ‘Ancient Testimony for a Comet-like Venus‘ 121
David V. Connell, ‘New Gravity, Happily Divorced From Relativity‘ 126
     ‘A Relativity Theorem, with Huge Consequences’ 129
Jeffrey N. Cook, ‘Experiment of the Biefield-Brown Effect using Symmetric Plate Capacitors Charged below 35kV’ 132
William Day, ‘The Orbital Systems of Matter and ItsOrigin‘ 139
     ‘Why Hawking and Mlodinow Think the Universe is a Rare Coincidence‘ 146
David de Hilster, ‘The Neutrino: Doomed from Inception‘ 148
Robert de Hilster, Bob, ‘Fundamentals of Gravity‘ 151
Thierry De Mees, ‘The Gravito-Magnetic Inflation ofRotating Bodies‘ 154
     ‘Is the Differential Rotation of the Sun Caused by a Coriolis Graviton Engine?‘ 158
Glen W. Deen, ‘Problems with Flowing Space Gravity Theory‘ 160
Robert L. DeMelo, ‘Science 2.0 Schema‘ 170
Edward Henry Dowdye, ‘Gravitational Lensing in Empty Vacuum Space Does NOT Take Place‘ 176
    ‘The Shapiro Delay: A Frequency Dependent Transit-Time Effect‘ 182
Peter F. Erickson, ‘Division in the Veritable Number System‘ 187
Timothy Ray Erney, ‘The Drift-Alfvén Model for a Magnetized Plasma Applied to Saturn’s Polar Vortices‘ 190
Viraj Fernando, ‘Leibniz’ Internal Principle as theLink between the Abstract Idea and Empirical Thingin Physics‘ 192
Thomas Findlay, ‘Introductory Guide to the ElectricUniverse‘ 202
Vladimir B. Ginzburg, ‘Basic Concept of 3-Dimensional Spiral String Theory (3D-SST)‘ 209
Michael E. Gmirkin, ‘The Sun-Earth Connection (and Other Considerations)‘ 221
Richard W. Guy, ‘Expanding Earth and Receding Seas‘ 229
Sankar Hajra, ‘The Cross Radial Force‘ 235
Helmut Hansen, ‘The Hidden Face of c, or The True Meaning of the Kennedy-Thorndike Experiment‘ 240
Ioannis Iraklis Haranas, Omiros Ragos, Michael Harney, ‘Eccentricity Functions in the Higher Degree
& Order Sectorial Gravitational Harmonic Coefficients‘
Daniel L. Haulman, ‘Relative Light Speed‘ 249
Robert L. Henderson, ‘The Rational Definitions of Time, Space, and Force‘ 251
William R. Hohenberger, ‘The First Priniciples of Aether‘ 258
Laurent Hollo, ‘The Organizational Structure of Physics‘ 269
Jaroslav Hynecek, ‘The Fundamental Assumptions of Relativity‘ 277
Lucian M. Ionescu, ‘On Super-symmetry, Anti-Gravityand Free-Energy‘ 283
Jim Johnson, ‘The Essential Guide to the Electric Universe‘ 288
Robert J. Johnson, ‘Evidence for the Anisotropy of the Speed of Light‘ 293
Jan Olof Jonson, ‘The Attractive Force between Two Parallel Currents Explained by Coulomb’s Law‘ 299
     ‘Coulomb’s Law is the Basis for Radiation Energy‘ 303
Philipp M. Kanarev, ‘The Motor-Generator‘ 305
Sanjit Karmakar, ‘Ghost Imaging Technology in Sensing Applications‘ 310
Yuri N. Keilman, ‘The Major Player in Special Relativity is the Metric Tensor‘ 312
Jaroslav G. Klyushin, ‘The Field Approach to Thermodynamics‘ 313
Leslee A. Kulba, ‘Keeping One’s Eye on the Ball‘ 323
Robert M. and Lou Ellen LaFollette, ‘A Proposed Unified Theory of Human Nature,
based on Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics and Emergence’
Janusz D. Laski, ‘Velocities in Special Relativity are not Vectors‘ 339
Frédéric Lassiaille, ‘Gravitational Model of the Three Elements Theory‘ 341
Zifeng Li, ‘The Law of Universal Attraction with Momentum Exchange between Objects and Microparticles‘ 345
     ‘The Nature and Principle of Charge Interaction and Coulomb’s Law‘ 348
Carl R. Littmann, ‘Sphere Volume Ratios in Tetrahedral and Triangular Patterns, and Some Implications‘ 351
Chung Y. Lo, ‘Linearization of the Einstein Equation, and The 1993 Press Release of the Nobel Prize in Physics‘ 354
Lockyer, Thomas N., ‘The Mass Defect Nature of Gravity‘ 363
Manhin Look-Yat, Helen L. Look-Yat Taylor, ‘True Planetary Motions and Rhythmic Climatic Changes‘ 367
Jocelyne Lopez, ‘The G.O.Mueller Research Project: GOM Project on Relativity. ‘ 373
Charles William Lucas, ‘Electrodynamic Origin of Gravitational Forces‘ 375
     ‘The Universal Electrodynamic Force‘ 387
Doug Marett, ‘On the Continuing Relevance of LorentzEther Theory in the Age of Relativity‘ 397
Harry H. Mark, ‘Speed of Light in Historical Perspective‘ 401
Peter Marquardt, ‘A Distant View of Physics‘ 405
Richard Moody Jr., ‘Communal Blind Spots/Intuitive Iteration‘ 409
Kenneth L. Moore, ‘The Best Stellar Aberration Model‘ 411
Viktor N. Moroz, ‘The Vicious Circle: Mathematics -Physics‘ 415
Neil E. Munch, ‘Value of Assumption Controls in Advanced Physics‘ 419
Athanassios A. Nassikas, ‘A Proposed Experiment to Verify Gravitational Electromagnetic Interaction‘ 421
Richard Oldani, ‘Exercises in Natural Philosophy: The Physical Origin of Consciousness‘ 424
Ronald D. Pearson, ‘Dark Energy Mystery Solved by Big Breed Theory!’ 437
John-Erik Persson, ‘The Fatal Mistakes‘ 444
      ‘Illusions and Reality in Relativity‘ 445
Thomas E. Phipps Jr., ‘When and Where is a Current Electrically Neutral?‘ 449
Vivian Pope, ‘Extraordinary Physics, or Is Modern Theoretical Physics Just a Teetering ‘House of Cards’?‘ 451
Evert Jan Post, ‘Recasting Copenhagen Doctrine in a Classical Vein‘ 460
Don Reed, ‘Camouflaged Contextual Posturing in the Laws of Nature:
Hidden Riches for Novel Forms of Technology and Energy Generation‘
Harry H. Ricker III, ‘Empirical Verification of Time Dilation in Special Relativity‘ 473
Jan Peter Roos, ‘Optimized New Alternative Energy Primer‘ 478
Evgenij Rudikov, Lada Rudikova, ‘Link of Physical Constants with Space Geometry R6(3,3)‘ 481
Jose Ruiz, ‘Converting Aetheric Energy into MagneticEnergy‘ 486
David G. Russell, ‘Evidence for Large Deviations from Hubble’s Law in Normal Spiral Galaxies‘ 488
Roger A. Rydin, ‘Finding Magic Numbers for Heavy and Super Heavy Elements‘ 495
     ‘The Theory of Mercury’s Anomalous Precession‘ 501
Ralph Sansbury, ‘Light Speed Measurements from Roemerand Bradley to the GPS System‘ 507
Alexander A. Scarborough, ‘From Void to Energy to Universal Systems in 15 Stages of Beautiful Continuity‘ 517
Paul Schroeder, ‘Get ‘Real’ About Gravity‘ 521
     ‘Ignoring Newton’s Hints Brought Scientific Chaos‘ 525
Ken H. Seto, ‘Improved Relativity Theory (IRT) and the Doppler Theory of Gravity (DTG)‘ 529
Barry John Setterfield, ‘A Plasma Universe with Changing Zero Point Energy‘ 535
     ‘Zero Point Energy and Gigantism in Fossils‘ 545
Rati Ram Sharma, ‘Unified Theory and Relativity Imbroglio‘ 555
Duncan W. Shaw, ‘Electricity and Magnetism: A Returnto Aether‘ 558
Wm. Scott Smith, ‘A Large Mechanical Force from theQuantum-Vacuum‘ 563
Joseph J. Smulsky, ‘New Components of the Mercury’sPerihelion Precession‘ 567
Garret Sobczyk, ‘The Geometric Concept of Number’ 572
Sotina, N., Lvov, N, ‘The Ritz Ballistic Theory & Adjusting the Speed of Light to c near the Earth and Other Celestial Bodies‘ 574
Nina B. Sotina, ‘The Schrödinger Equation and Structures in the Physical Vacuum‘ 579
Michael Meade Steinbacher, ‘A New Approach to Mountain Formation‘ 584
Dimiter G. Stoinov, Dilian Stoynov, ‘Resonance Formula of the Hydrogen Spectrum‘ 591
Robert A. Sungenis, ‘Cosmological Evidence Shows Central and Non-Moving Earth‘ 594
Charles Sven, ‘Center of the Universe Located by Triangulation of NASA Data‘ 604
Nicholas J. G. Sykes, ‘The Paradigm of Electric Universe‘ 605
David Talbott, ‘Considering the Electric Sun‘ 611
     ‘Electric Events on Mars‘ 621
Hartwig W. Thim, ‘Three Major Inconsistencies of the LorentzTransformations‘ 629
Wallace W. Thornhill, ‘Stars in an Electric Universe (2011 John Chappell Memorial Paper)‘ 630
Bobby D. Ticer, ‘The Recycling Universe‘ 638
Frederick David Tombe, ‘Physical Lines of Force inthe Aether‘ 641
Michael R Treat, David Rosignoli, ‘Experimental Results in Measuring Atmospheric Electricity’ 643
Aleksandr M. Tsybin, ‘Space vs. Vacuum: Facts Show That Space isn’t Vacuum‘ 646
Thomas F. Valone, ‘Quantum Vacuum Zero Point and Negative Energy: Theory and Applications‘ 650
Lee Field Valstad, ‘Delinquence’ 658
     ‘The Unified Field’ 660
Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs, ‘Towards a History of Plasma-Universe Theory‘ 662
Greg Volk, ‘The Convergence of New Physics Paradigms: Unity in Diversity‘ 668
     ‘Toroids, Vortices, Knots, Topology and Quanta: Part 1‘ 675
Dan Wagner, ‘New Direct Test Proposed for Einstein’s Velocity Addition Formula‘ 681
Charles E. Weber, ‘Lava Flows from Disruption of Crust at the Antipode of Large Meteorite Impacts‘ 685
Stewart I. Wells, ‘Gyroscopic Paradox of Motion: Validation of Mach’s Principle? – Part 1‘ 687
Billie Westergard, ‘Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model‘ 691
Cynthia Kolb Whitney, ‘A New Theory for Important New Technologies‘ 700
Pharis E. Williams, ‘Absolutes and Confusion or Absolute Confusion‘ 709
Yongfeng Yang, ‘Motions of Observable Structures Ruled by Hierarchical Two-body Gravitation in the Universe‘ 712
David G. Yurth, ‘Y-Bias and Angularity: The Dynamics of Self-Organizing Criticality‘ 722