The 17th Annual Conference of the NPA, 23-26 June, 2010, at Long Beach, CA

This meeting was one of our annual gatherings that took place at the campus of the University of California at Long Beach. We want to thank Cynthia Whitney for her many years of dedication as editor of these proceedings, and Greg Volk and David de Hilster for putting on the conference and creating the 2010 Proceedings.

Proceedings of the NPA, Volume 7

Cover of the Conference Proceedings of the17th Natural Philosophy Alliance

Cover of the Conference Proceedings of the17th Natural Philosophy Alliance

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Table of Contents

Milos Abadzic, “Mr. Higgs Doesn’t Reside There”  1
Roger J. Anderton, “Extraterrestrial Communication through Radio Signals Based on Newtonian Physics”   2
     “Lancelot Law Whyte Unitary Field Theory”   7
     “Newtonian Physics is General Relativity is Unified Field Theory  (Barring Mistakes That Need Correcting)”   11
Lyndon Ashmore, “An Explanation of Redshift in a Static Universe”   17
Pal Asija, “How to Fix the Paradigm of Science”   23
     “Instant Gravity and Real Time Astronomy in a Real Time Universe”   27
Walter Babin, “The Generalization of Mechanics & Electrodynamics”   31
Tom Bethell, “Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?”   35
D. DeWayne Birkhofer, “A Theoretical Model of the Structure of Space Based on the Speed of Light “   41
Glenn Borchardt, Steven J. Puetz, “Unified Cycle Theory: Integration toward a Cause”   46
Charles Donald “Don” Briddell, “The Meaning of Structure: The Structural Approach to Understanding Nature “   53
Michael H. Brill, “Cochetkov’s Speeding Bola: Yet Another Entanglement for Special Relativity”  62
Steven Bryant, “Failure of the Einstein-Lorentz Spherical Wave Proof”   64
James Carter, “The Evolution of Matter through Cosmological Time”   68
Victor Nikolayevich Cochetkov, “Special Relativity Fails to Conserve Momentum”  80
David V. Connell, “Relativity, Gravity and the Physics Puzzle”   85
Stephen J. Crothers, “The Black Hole, the Big Bang: A Cosmology in Crisis”   90
William Day, “Holistic Physics in a Self-Organizing Universe”   96
Thierry De Mees, “Is the Differential Rotation of the Sun Caused by a Graviton Engine?”   105
Glen William Deen, “Comet Vulcan’s Unobserved August 17, 1999 Flyby”  106
Robert L. DeMelo, “GPRA Project: Realitivistic Relativity 2.0”   116
Edward H. Dowdye, Jr., ““Findings Convincingly Show No Direct Interaction
between Gravitation and Electromagnetism in Empty Vacuum Space”  
Edward H. Dowdye, Jr., Shahin Ghazanshahi, “An Ideal Inelastic Collision Model
using Center-of-Mass Frames Shows Conservation of Kinetic Energy”  
Chris Eckman, “Plasma Orbital Expansion of the Electrons in Water”   141
Mitch Emery, “Rethinking the Principle of Inertia”   145
Peter F. Erickson, “On Understanding Negative Numbers”   147
Michael R. Evans, “The Geometry of Light” 149
Norbert Feist, “Acoustic Michelson-Morley Experiment with an Ultrasonic Range Finder”   153
     “Detecting the Ether Wind by Doppler Radar”   157
Vladimir B. Ginzburg, “The Origin of the Universe, Part 1: Toryces”   162
Andrew Ancel Gray, “A Reality Based Replacement for Quantum Mechanics”   179
Helmut Hansen, “About the Dual Parametrization of c”  186
Ioannis Haranas, Omiros Ragos, “Gauss’ Planetary Equations in a Non-Singular Potential”   199
William R. Hohenberger, “Twist-Loop Aethereal Fractal Structures”   202
Laurent Hollo, “Definition of Fundamental Quantities With Respect to Space and Time”   207
Jaroslav Hynecek, “Light Deflection by a Gravitating Body a Hidden Deception in General Relativity Theory”   214
     “Proof of Incorrectness of General Relativity Theory”   217
     “Resolution of the Ehrenfest Paradox”   223
Leslie Iverson, “The Ether and Nature of Divisible Existence”   226
Jan Olof Jonson, “A Comparison between Ampère’s Law, Coulomb’s Law and the Lorentz Force Law”   223
José Francisco García Juliá, “A Brief and Elementary Note on Redshift”   239
Philipp M. Kanarev, “Impulse Power Secrets”  241
     “Introduction to Mechanodynamics”   245
James Keele, “Force and Rotation”   252
Yuri Keilman, “Bohr Quantum Theory Yields the Relativistic Schroedinger Equation”   255
Jaroslav G. Klyushin, “Mechanical Dimensionalities of Electrodynamic and Gravidynamic Fields”   257
Peter Kohut, “The Basic Space-time Equation of the Universe (Cosmic Dynamics)”   260
Boon Leong Lan, “A Moving Rod Does Not Shrink”   265
Janusz D. Laski, “Alternative Interpretation of Special Relativity Formulae”   266
Frédéric Lassiaille, “A Solution for the “Dark Matter Mystery” based on Euclidean Relativity”  267
Jeffrey M. Lee, “The Real Reason Special Relativity Theory Will Never Be Compatible With Quantum Mechanics”   275
Carl R. Littmann, “Muon to Proton Mass Ratio, Geometric Volume Ratios, and an Overview of the Particle Zoo”   282
Chung Y. Lo, “NASA’s Space-Probes Pioneer Anomaly and the Mass-Charge Repulsive Force”   285
Thomas N. Lockyer, “Debunking Neutrino Detection Experiments”   293
“The Precise Positron and Electron”   298
Thomas R. Love, “Causality in Kaon Decays”  302
Peter Marquardt, “The Mole Hill Effect: Mathematical and Other Failures in Physics”   303
Russ McGlenn, “Oil is a Renewable Resource”   307
     “Triad Helium Nucleus”   311
Richard Merrick, “Harmonically Guided Evolution”   318
John V. Milewski, “Superlight, a Dynamic Aether, Explains Pushing Gravity and Inertia,
and Says No Neutrinos, Gluons or Dark Matter”  
Francisco J. Müller, “The Doppler Effect of Absorption Spectral Lines in Moving Astronomic Bodies (How Can It Happen?)”   336
Martin Mueller, “Errors and Lapses of Insight in the History of Physics” [late addition]   642
A. A. Nassikas, “Is There Higgs’ Boson?”   343
Bent Kargaard Nielsen, “The Michelson and Morley Experiment Once Again!” 346
Richard Oldani, “Energy-Time Uncertainty”   351
Zbigniew Oziewicz, “Relative Velocity: A Dichotomy*”   353
John-Erik Persson, “Bradley, Sagnac and Entrainment”   358
     “Einstein Is Wrong”   362
     “To Measure the Rotation of the Earth”   363
Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., “Collective Time”   364
Burak Polat, “A Material Invariant Postulate of Classical Electromagnetic Field Theory”   370
Evert Jan Post, “Assessing Consequences of Overextended Secret Reviewing”   382
     “Reinstating the Existence of Single System Quantization as an Issue of a Pre-Statistical Quantum Reality”   384
Ekhard Preikschat, “Crucial Tests of the Special Theory of Relativity”   386
Stephen J. Puetz, “Unified Cycle Theory: Introduction & Data”   389
    “Unified Cycle Theory: Statistical Validation”   397
Steven Rado, “Revisiting Gravity, Free Fall and Inertia”  404
Hilton Ratcliffe, “The Static Universe: Exploding the Myth of Cosmic Expansion”   414
Cameron Rebigsol, “Mathematical Inconsistency in Relativity’s” Original Paper of 1905”  416
     “Relativity’s Length Measurement Inconsistency”   421
Harry H. Ricker III, “On Physical Time”   428
Marko Rodin, Greg Volk, “The Rodin Number Map and Rodin Coil”   437
James N. Rose, “Surmounting Unwanted Infinities: Newly Endorsing Competing Entropies: The Basic Heretical Verities”   444
Evgenij Vladimirovich Rudikov, Lada Vladimirovna Rudikova,
“Asymmetric Electrodynamic System: Displacement Opportunities”  
Joseph A. Rybczyk, “Stellar Aberration, Relative Motion and the Lorentz Factor”   456
Roger A. Rydin, “The Mantra of Theoretical Physics: Relativity Reigns”   463
Diego Saá, “A Survival Guide to Physics: From How to Think to What to Believe”   469
Ralph N. Sansbury, “Diamagnetism and Ferromagnetism” 476
Stoyan Sarg, “Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory
Based on an Alternative Concept of the Physical Vacuum”  
     “Theoretical and Experimental Research on Propulsion Using
the Developments Field of the BSM-Supergravitation Unified Theory”  
Sadanand S. Savarkar, “Lorentz-Horses and Maxwell-Flexures on Laputa”   489
Alexander A. Scarborough, “The SO-FLINE-BEC Model of Universal Origins (1973-2008)
Fulfilling the Predictions of Einstein, Descartes, Planck, Kuhn et al.”  
Paul Schroeder, “Gravity from the Ground Up”  498
Franco Selleri, “Eight Proofs of Absolute Simultaneity”   504
Ken H. Seto, “Proposed and Past Experiments Detecting Absolute Motion”   513
Barry J. Setterfield, “Zero Point Energy and the Redshift”   518
Ed Seykota, “Radial Momentum, Bernoulli and Lift”   528
Rati Ram Sharma, “Oxygen Lone-Pair Electrons behind Amazing Properties of Water-Electrolysis Gas-Mixture”   532
     “Unified Theory’s Non-Expanding Universe Replaces Big Bang & Steady State Theories of Expanding Universe”  534
Duncan W. Shaw, “The Cause of Gravity: A Concept”  541
Reelin Show, “Introduction to the Theory of Despace”   550
Wm. Scott Smith, “A Quantum-Vacuum Thruster”   561
Joseph J. Smulsky, “Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and New Space Projects”  568
Joseph J. Smulsky, Yaroslav J. Smulsky, “Orbit Evolution of Apophis and its Transformation into the Earth’s Satellite”   569
Dimiter G. Stoinov, “How to Defeat Relativism”  578
Hartwig Thim, “Einstein’s Light Speed Postulate is Illogical”   581
Aleksandr M. Tsybin, “On the Increase of Particle Mass with Velocity”   582
Lee Field Valstad, “The Unified Field Symbol”   583
Greg Volk, “Pseudo-Vectors and Pseudo-Scalars, or Reflections in Reflection”   585
Jacob Wall, “Effect of Hydrogen Enriched Hydrocarbon Combustion on Emissions and Performance”   591
Erich Wanek, “The “Mass” of a Photon: Only an Expression of its Helical Configuration?” 598
     “A New Train Paradox: Can Clock Time Depend on the Direction of Motion?”   599
     “Prism Experiments with Laser Beams”   600
John R. Warfield, “Electromagnetic Propulsion of Matter in Violation of Newton’s 3rd Law”   603
Stewart Ian Wells, “’Experimentum Crucis’ for Magnetic Interaction”   612
     “Equilibrium and pH”   620
Cynthia Kolb Whitney, “Maxwell Theory and Galilean Relativity”   624
Milo M. Wolff, “Einstein’s Last Question: What is an Electron?”   631
Tolga Yarman, Metin Arik, Alexander L. Kholmetskii, “A Prediction Regarding
the Softening of the Blue Shift of Light from Geosynchronous Satellites”