The true corpuscular or photon nature of an Hydrogen atom and a proton, is conclusively evinced in this paper. The ionization energy in an Hydrogen atom is observed due to pair production. In reality fusion of a Rydberg Photon with the 13.6 eV introduced photon mass produces an electron positron pair. A Rydberg photon mass is of 2.425434789 x 10 -35 kg and its radius is precisely twice Bohr’s radius. Furthermore, a mass similar to that of a proton fuses with the 9.382723128 x 10 8 eV introduced photon mass to produce an electron-positron pair. It is proven that this mass of 1.672622216 x 10 -27 kg is comprised of 6.8961747 x 10 7 Rydberg photons. Pair production substantiates the absence of an electron in the ground state of a Hydrogen atom.

Keywords: Pair production, unification, light, gravity, ether, fine structure, base units, temperature, Ohm’s law, Boltzmann constant, Bohr’s model, Rydberg, Electron

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