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Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance Volume 11

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Greg Volk’s Incredible NPA Survey

Surveys are now standard tools in the hands of both researchers and politicians. It is commonly known that surveys are used in research and abused in politics. The NPA Board is interested in feedback from members and a survey is one way that useful feedback can be...

Response to Greg Volk and Nick Percival – Summary

The NPA Board found recent messages from Greg Volk and Nick Percival to be of significant concern. The Board has chosen generally to not respond to such messages, but these recent messages conveyed so much uninformed and false information that we must challenge them....

Seeking Volunteers for the NPA Internet & Database Committee

The former NPA website was developed and refined over many years by David de Hilster and I am sure all would agree that it was rich in special features not commonly found in other websites. But those special features were both its glory and its deficiency. David was...

News from the NPA Board

The Board of Directors of the NPA have met and elected new officers, as our by-laws require that election of officers occur upon addition to the board of any new director.   Newly elected officers include Dr. Cynthia Whitney, President; Dr. William Lucas,...

New Directors elected to NPA Board

NPA Board of Directors met on April 27th to consider and act on director self-nominations received through end of March. New directors were elected including Dr. William Lucas, Prof. Martin Kokus and Mr. Sam Falaki. The board also re-elected Mr. Jim Newburn for an...

Soliciting nominations for seats on NPA Board of Directors

The NPA Board of Directors is soliciting nominations to fill open board seats. NPA By-laws provide that any General Member (current dues paid) may submit a self-nomination that must include information concerning the nominee’s: a) scientific, technical, management and...

Sagnac Awards 2013

Wallace “Wal” Thornhill Lifetime Achievement Wallace Thornhill is presented the 2013 Sagnac Award for Lifetime Achievement in recognition of a lifetime commitment to excellence in scientific pursuits; for foundational contributions establishing the...

Sagnac Awards 2012

Tom Bearden Lifetime Achievement In recognition of a lifetime commitment to excellence in scientific pursuit. For foundational concepts and principles describing the energy of space, for systematic theoretical investigations of practical devices claiming over-unity...

What is the Natural Philosophy Alliance?

The NPA is a global forum for the presentation, discussion and critique of scientific observations, experimentations and theories regarding the structures and processes of our natural physical world. We consider our domain to be that of “natural philosophy” in recognition of the pioneering work by many great philosophers and scientists from the 17th century to our present time who labored to develop a comprehensive understanding of how our natural world operates. And we seek to create an alliance of critical thinkers from diverse scientific disciplines, who through free and open exchange of ideas may most favorably advance our scientific understanding.

Mathematical Elements of Natural Philosophy

Explain Gravity?

200 years since discovery and no one knows “exactly” how strong it is. Wonder why that is? Find out more inside
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Portable Relativity

Portable Relativity that is the New NPA website is! Built fully responsive so you can use it anywhere  
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Induced Fusion?

Max Fomitchev-Zamilov – Cavitation-induced fusion (also known as bubble fusion or sonofusion) has been a topic of much debate and controversy and is generally (albeit incorrectly) perceived as unworkable.  
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Brain Food

NPA conferences are like feeding your mind steroids, you can’t help but grow! Thought proviking nectar of the gods
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Do You Ever?

Challenge the Status Quo  |  Ask BIG Questions | Question Scientific Theories | So do we, join us!
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