NPA 2014 Conference. Response to our call for papers exceeded our expectations in both quantity and quality. Our conference will be held November 19-21 at the Radisson Cross-Keys Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, immediately following the 2014 Vigier conference on UNIFIED FIELD MECHANICS, Natural Science Beyond the Veil of Spacetime.

We invite you to check the schedule and list of speakers  presenting on topics including: eclipse anomalies, expansion tectonics, astronomical quantization, experimental contradictions to special relativity, extra terrestrial drivers to climate and many more.  Our presenter list is international, with speakers coming from Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Italy, Hungary, and Britain.

We will have a discussion of ways NPA members can be involved in observing possibly anomalous gravitational effects of the August 2017 eclipse as greatest duration (GD) and greatest eclipse (GE) will occur across the Missouri-Kentucky border about midway between St. Louis and Nashville. There is much organizing to be done to collect observations for what should be a highly productive scientific event.

There will also be general membership meeting where we discuss the status and future of the NPA.

This is not a conference to miss — registration is now open on the NPA website. I look forward to seeing you again.

Martin Kokus, Conference Convener.

Sagnac 2014 Award. Dr. Hector Munera has been selected to receive the 2014 Sagnac Award for outstanding achievement and contributions to science.

Dr. Munera has a global reputation for his work on measuring the Allais Eclipse Effect and non-null results in the Michelson-Morley experiment. He is the editor of Should the Laws of Gravitation be Reconsidered?

Dr. Munera will be present at the 2014 conference to receive the award.

2014 Proceedings. Among the process changes we are making is timing of publication of our Proceedings. We view the conference as both an opportunity to present new ideas and an opportunity to draw upon experience and knowledge of our attendees through critique and expanded insights that they may provide.

We will allow time after the conference for presenters to incorporate insights gained from the conference and will therefore publish the Proceedings toward the end of the year or very soon into the new year. Through this feedback process we expect to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of works published in our Proceedings.

NPA Website. Our new NPA website is growing and improving day by day. We have incorporated the latest in Word Press add-ins to provide additional features and capabilities to support member needs and interests. The process of importing member information and works into a new website may sometimes produce glitches — so if you detect problems with your profile or any other aspects of the website, please contact us at with your concerns.

Volunteers. We thank our volunteers who have stepped forward and are assisting us with data imports and integration of new add-ins that make our website richer and better. We invite others who have technical talents in website design or administration and an interest in assisting our Internet and Database committee to contact us at

NPA Forums. We have recently activated a capability to support discussion forums on our website. This is a great way to post your thoughts on matters of NPA Operations, Open Discussions and Science or Philosophy.

Recent discussions on our Science & Philosophy forum include:
– Non-Linearity of Nature
– Temporal Coincidence AKA Absolute Simultaneity

Recent Uploads to the NPA Database.  We are continually receiving new uploads of member works to our database.  Check the member works page on our website to see the latest uploaded abstracts, articles, papers and updates to previously posted works.

Following are some of the more recent posts.

Drifting into Time Strangeness, Antony Milnes, Article, Published
Our Holographic World, Antony Milnes, Book, Published
On the information content of physical matter, Serge Miatovich, Paper, Published
Nucleotopes – The Nuclei of the Isotopes, Joel M. Williams, Abstract, Published
On the information content of physical matter, Serge Miatovich, Paper, Modified
Armenian Theory of Special Relativity, Robert Nazaryan, Article & Paper, Published
Speed of Light in 3-Dimensional Euclidean Space, Nina B. Sotina, Paper, Published
The Organizational Structure of Physics, Laurent Hollo, Paper, Published
Exploring The Organizational Structure of Physics, Laurent Hollo, Paper, Published
Definition of Fundamental Quantities With Respect to Space and Time, Laurent Hollo, Paper, Published

Project Grants Committee. With the recent approval of 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt status for the NPA, the door is now open for us to apply for foundation grants to support research work and/or scientific outreach projects which scientifically oriented philanthropic organizations may be willing to fund.

We are forming a Project Grants committee to solicit and evaluate candidate projects and assist in drafting grant proposals. NPA members who have concepts for such projects or experience in writing grant proposals are invited to send your project concepts and volunteer statements to .

Chairman’s Comments. The past two years have been very stressful for NPA leaders and for our members as well. As we adopted formal by-laws and transitioned to a corporate Board managed business process to enable us to qualify for federal 501(c)(3) tax exemption, a tension developed between adhering to personal friendships and accepting the changes that were necessary to enable NPA to grow as an organization.  This tension created divisions within the membership that remain with us today.

Expanding the diversity of forums available for scientific presentation and discussion should ultimately be viewed as a positive development — as such diversity suites well those with bright minds, strong convictions and disdain for conformity.  And, just as science itself will never be settled, so the process for searching for truth in science will also never be settled and the NPA and like organizations must expect to continually change and evolve.

Where change closes some doors, it also opens new doors with new opportunities. We need to take advantage of those new opportunities to best enable NPA and its members to grow and prosper in the coming years.

Barry Springer,
Board Chair