Fellow NPA Members,

I am very excited to announce some wonderful news regarding our upcoming NPA conference.

Conference Update

As of today over 20 papers have been submitted for the 2014 conference and proceedings.
Some of the titles include:

  • Inertial and Gravitational Anomalies in Seismic Prediction
  • The Theory of Mercury’s Anomalous Precession and Correct Orbit Computations
  • Finding New Magic Numbers for Light, Heavy, and Super Heavy Nuclei
  • Dialectical Materialism and the New Physics
  • Arp’s Small Number Hypothesis
  • Earth Expansion is Hubble Expansion
  • Eclipse Effects and the August 2017 Eclipse
  • Astronomical Quantization: a Review

One day is already booked solid, so please email submissions to Martin Kokus (martin@worldnpa.org) as soon as possible so we will know in time if we need to book a third day.

A general member meeting will also be held at the conference. Those members wishing to actively participate in the organizational aspects of the NPA will not want to miss this opportunity to meet fellow members face to face, discuss, influence and shape the future of our organization. Notably, there will be an open discussion regarding how we will implement the first ever elections of some NPA Directors. Join us in seizing this unique opportunity to rebuild the NPA in the image of its founders.

The Eclipse Effect

We will also have a meeting at the conference to explore ways that NPA members can participate in the ongoing effort to measure the Allais Eclipse Effect during the 2017 eclipse in the USA. Everyone can play a part in what might be the experiment of the century. Interested members and nonmembers should contact Martin Kokus (martin@worldnpa.org).

Call for Papers (reminder)

The Natural Philosophy Alliance is soliciting abstracts of papers for its 2014 Conference and Proceedings. The Conference will be November 20-21 in Baltimore, MD with a welcoming event the evening of the 19th. It will follow the International Symposium to Honor Jean Pierre Vigier November 16-19 at the same venue. Attendance at the Conference will not be required for a paper to be considered for the Proceedings. Participants should indicate their desire to present their papers to Martin Kokus at martinkokus@yahoo.com as soon as possible (but no later than August 20) so that arrangements can be negotiated.

The location in Baltimore will be the Radisson-Cross Keys, but everyone is free to make their own arrangements. An abstract no greater than 300 words should be submitted by September 20 to Martin Kokus. Papers presented in absentia should be submitted by October 20. Papers presented at the conference should be sent in final form to the editor by December 20. Requests to make a presentation by teleconference should be made as soon as possible to Sam Falaki (sam@worldnpa.org). There will be both lecture and poster sessions.

More details will follow once we have a better idea of who is coming and more days may be added to the conference.

An additional note regarding NPA Communications

As a reminder, the official website of the NPA is www.worldnpa.org, which is nearing completion. And any member wishing first-hand information regarding current NPA operations can always reach any of the committee or board members through the communications@worldnpa.org email.

Yours truly,

Sam Falaki

Conference Committee
Internet & Database Committee