NPA Proceedings Instructions

Below are the instructions for publishing in the NPA’s 21s Annual Conference Proceedings.

All papers should be sent via email to Nina Sotina (Editor) through the email address

1. Format

The format of the papers will be two columns, the template links are provided below.  For those who have submitted to Vigier, it is almost the same template.

Template (.docx)

2. Fees

The Proceedings fees have varied in the past, ranging from $10-$15 per page. This year we are aiming for the higher end of this range, so the fees will be $15 per page. On the other hand, member works will be very accessible to the general public (see point 4 below).

For those who would prefer to pay for assistance in formatting and English grammar, we can put you in contact with some helpers. The standard rate is $15/page. Those interested in either receiving or providing help can contact Sam Falaki for further info (email

3. Deadline

The deadline for submissions was March 31st, but has now been extended to April 18th.

4. Publication

Hard copy publications will be available at a significantly reduced rate, approximately $20. In addition, a low cost ebook will also be available, which will sell for approximately $5. Both paper and electronic formats of the Proceedings will be available via In addition, all individual papers will be available in their entirety for free though the NPA website. The intention is to maximize exposure of our member’s works.

5. Notes on Video Presentations and Website

Many of you received previews of your edited video  presentations and given your approval to publish on the official NPA youtube channel. We suggest you provide a summary text to accompany your videos. The text should include key words and phrases for easy internet search and discoverability

– Upload your papers to the website

All authors may now upload their papers to the website. The papers need not necessarily be in the template format. There is no fee for uploading papers to the website, it comes with the membership. Once uploaded, the papers can be linked to from the youtube videos. This way, people who enjoy the videos can also access the related papers. Contact Sam Falaki ( for help with the website.

If you are not yet registered on the website, please do so at the following link:
If your membership has already been paid through the conference, select the “free” member option and send an email to so that your membership level may be adjusted to that of “paid member”. Once registered, you may update your profile and upload papers. For instructions, please visit



Per-page fees (after submitting the paper)

Payment for NPA21 Proceedings

Number of Pages


Manuscripts, whether peer-reviewed or not, containing original research or scholarship are available to the public immediately upon inclusion in the archives, at no charge and without requiring registration or other restrictions to access.

Members submitting works agree to allow users to “copy, use, distribute, transmit and display the work publicly and to make and distribute derivative works, in any digital medium for any responsible purpose, subject to proper attribution of authorship.”

Submission of a work to the NPA archives constitutes a grant to the NPA of a non-exclusive right to provide public access to the work and to publish the work in the Proceedings of the NPA, or other NPA publications, which may be offered in print or electronically accessible form.