This paper presents a new Universal Relationships Law and proposes minor corrections to the science of such icons of science as Aristotle, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and even Einstein. Following examples are included;Lighter Bodies Travel Faster. Aristotle got it backwards when he intuited heavier objects fall faster.;Faster Objects Become Lighter or conversely slower objects become heavier. Einstein and Aristotle both got it backwards when Einstein restated a corollary of Aristotle, “Heavier objects fall faster” by postulating “Faster Objects become heavier”.;Two Minor Corrections to Newton’s First Law of Motion and a minor correction to the Universal Law of Gravitation named after him.;Three D or No D (Any theory based on other than 3 D is fantastic).;Gravity is A Local and Physical Contact Force.;Light is never Waves and Photons at the Same Instant.;The paper concludes with the self evident inevitability of one and only one reality in here and out there.

Keywords: Realtiy, Science, corrections, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein

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