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Philosopher, Student
Interests: Philosophy of Science

“I wish to most briefly introduce myself; my life has been cursed (blessed?) with numerous and sundry bumps in the road, detours, hardships, and (best of all) enthralled by learning and growing (intellectually, emotionally, and — most of all — spiritually). My devotion to learning is only exceeded by my powerful commitment to finding harmony with Ultimate Reality — a harmony that I’m blessed to be steadily growing into.

I’m currently working toward a B.A. in mathematics at Miss. State University, and I received a B.A. in philosophy from that university in 1987. I would love to make a living as either a writer of works pertaining to spirituality/religion, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind, or teach mathematics — or some of both. These aspirations might seem  unrealistic and far-fetched, but one never achieves much in life without aspirations, goals, dreams, and a vision of what needs accomplishing.

Retirement (as it pertains to me) is hardly in my vocabulary, since I regard myself as only getting into the most productive and fruitful times of my life — yes, even at my age.”

Joseph Schrock

Professor of Engineering
Interests: Npa Consensus, Light, Cosmology

“At the Institute for Electroenergetic, ENERGOINVEST, Sarajevo, I developed and studied high voltage circuit breakers, switchgears and electrical arcs. I was also active on the ETF in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, where the basic problem was to optimally utilize the characteristics of electrical arcs. After retiring in 1992, I turned to physics, trying to understand the nature of electrical arcing. For the last 17 years, I’ve studied elementary particles and cosmology as my private occupation. The result is my model of nature which I call NPN (Natural Model of Nature), a book, and several articles detailing particular aspects of the model. I am currently working on a major revision and supplement to my book, Razmisljanja O Prirodi Prirodi (Concerning the Nature of Nature), in Serbian language. The book and some of my articles can be found on

I now live in Belgrad Serbia, and my son Igor H. Abadzic lives in Plano, TX.”

Dr. Milos Abadzic

Electrical Engineer, Independent Researcher
Interests: Electrostatics, T-storm Physics, Classical Analogs of Qm, Tesla, Electromagnetism, Experiments, New Energy, Magnetism

  • 2011 NPA 17: Lecture demos, mechanical maglev and microwave oven physics
  • 2006 Vancouver SFU Nikola Tesla conference: ‘Tesla ray’ demo at BC Hydro exhibit
  • 2002-2012 U. of Washington, Research Engineer in Chem dept.
  • 2000: Tesla’s coupled-oscillator physics: freq-hopping comm system
  • 1999 No photons in photoelectric effect or stimulated emission
  • 1999 “Energy sucking” antenna, electrically-short resonator physics
  • 1999 Ubermann-sleep and visionary mental states for new physics insights
  • 1995 Start website and the vortex-L forum
  • 1991 Developed first “quarter shrinker” cap-discharge w/D. Travous, G. Hawkins
  • 1984-89 Museum of Science, Boston, head of tech dept.
  • 1980-2002  Electrical Engineer, HW design & embedded, museum physics exhibits
  • 1973 Built my first Tesla coil :)
  • 1969 Grew up on Guam
Bill Beaty

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