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Alexander L. Dmitriev


<p>Articles;A. L. Dmitriev, モOn the Influence of the External Elastic (Electromagnetic) Forces on the Gravityヤ, Russian Physics Journal, Vol. 44, No 12, 1323 (2001).;A. L. Dmitriev and V. S. Snegov, モThe Weighing of a Mechanical Gyroscope with Horizontal and Vertical Orientation of the Spin Axisヤ, Measurement Techniques, Vol. 44, No 8, 831 (2001).;A. L. Dmitriev, モInequality of the Coefficients of Restitution for Vertical and Horizontal Quasielastic Impacts of a Ball Against a Massive Plateヤ, International Applied Mechanics. Vol. 3, No 6, 747 (2002).;A. L. Dmitriev, E. M. Nikushchenko and V. S. Snegov, モInfluence of the Temperature of Body on Its Weightヤ, Measurement Techniques, Vol. 46, No 2, 115 (2003).;A. L. Dmitriev, モMeasurements of the Influence of Acceleration and Temperature of Bodies on Their Weightヤ, AIP Conference Proc., Vol. 969, 1163 (2008).;A. L. Dmitriev, モAnalogue of Lenz's Rule in Phenomenological Gravitationヤ, AIP Conference Proc., Vol. 1103, 345 (2009).;A. L. Dmitriev and E. M. Nikushchenko, モFrequency Dependence of Rotor's Free Fall Accelerationヤ (in Press).;A. L. Dmitriev, E. M. Nikushchenko and S. A. Bulgakova, モDynamic Weighing Experiments ヨ the Way to New Physics of Gravitationモ, AIP Conference Proc., Vol. 1208, 237 (2010).</p>