NPA Proceedings, Volume 11 Now Available

Dear Members,

It is with great pride that I announce the availability of the “Proceedings of the NPA – Volume 11”. It is a fine collection of original works gathered from our members around the world, covering diverse topics: Relativity Theory, Cosmology, the Sub Atomic, Climate Studies, Geophysics and the mysterious “Allais Effect” (among others).

The Proceedings are available for purchase online and would make for great holiday reading, either for yourself or for a loved one. By purchasing your copy today, you will be helping to support the NPA so that we can continue providing the best venue for non-conventional science and physics research.

The Proceedings can be purchased directly from our publisher CreateSpace:

Alternatively, the Proceedings are also available on Amazon: (US & International) (UK) (Europe)

Our publisher’s expanded distribution channels include bookstores, other retailers, libraries and academic institutions. Unfortunately we were not able to offer the low cost Kindle (eBook) version due to technical limitations.

Featured papers:

Reginald Cahill, “Review of Experiments that Contradict Special Relativity and Support neo-Lorentz Relativity: Latest Technique to Detect Dynamical Space Using Quantum Detectors”

Giovanni P. Gregori & Bruce Leybourne, “Climate Anomalies, their Drivers and Tectonic Connections”

Bruce Leybourne & Giovanni P. Gregori, “Climate oscillations (MJO, ENSO & PDO) considered with validation of Earth endogenous energy theory”

James Keele, “Application of SRT to Calculating Mercury’s Perihelion Advance”

C.Y.Lo, “The development of general relativity, repulsive gravitation and the theories in astrophysics – the achievements and errors of Einstein in relativity”

Nadia Lvov & Nina Sotina, “The Variable Speed of Light in 3-dimensional Euclidean Space”

Peter Marquardt, “The language of power”

Volkmar Muller, “Earth expansion is cosmogical expansion”

Nina Sotina, “The ‘hidden variables’ in quantum mechanics. The precession of the electron’s spin in an atom”

Barry Springer, “Possible Electrical Shaping Forces for Saturn’s CircumpolarHexagon and conserving energy”

Valentino Straser, “Gravitational anomalies and the “allais effect” found in Italy during eclipse and strong earthquakes”

Bob Ticer, “Relativity and conserving energy”

Alex Tsibin, “Assumptions concerning the interpretation of the Michelson-Morely experiment”

Alex Tsibin, “Are there black holes?”

Happy Holidays,

Sam Falaki