The Moon as an antenna for the detection of gravitational waves.

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    Andrey Chaykin

    December 3, 2015 launched the space scientific apparatus LISA Pathfinder. He will work in the Lagrange point of the “Sun-Earth (this point is for 1.5 million km from the Earth).

    30 years ago, the British physicist and professor at the University of Arizona Paul Davies, in his popular book “The Accidental Universe” argued that gravitational waves are generated by the accelerated motion of gravitational charges (masses). A gravitational wave in a gravitational field is similar to the electromagnetic wave in the electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic waves are caused by disturbances of the electromagnetic field resulting from the accelerated motion of charged particles and gravitational waves are caused by the same rapid movement of the masses (gravitational charge).

    I guess that detect gravitational waves can be closer than 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

    To do this, the Moon can be used like an antenna to detect gravitational waves come from the Earth. You must install the Moon moonquakes sensors that can capture small moonquakes. These moonquakes will be generated gravitational waves that come from the Earth by an earthquake (accelerated movement of the Earth’s crust).

    The equations of the Maxwell-Chaykin for gravitodinamik to confirm the appearance of gravitational waves by acceleration of the gravitational masses.

    See the my article № 1 on

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