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    The forum seems inactive so I may start some thread to make it live.
    I am an new in NPA and for a good start I would like to trigger a discussion on relative simultaneity.
    I have conducted a preliminary study which has convinced me that the so called relative simultaneity is of very similar nature to pseudo-simultaneity in different time zones, that is the same clock time in two time zones does not really mean simultaneous. My arguments can be found on line in http://www.academia.edu/6500189/A_Study_on_Invariance_of_Temporal_Coincidence
    I would appreciate any comments. It is hard to find people willing to participate in this kind of discussion.
    Andrew Wutke

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    Sam Falaki

    Thanks for posting! Yes we need more activity on the forum.
    I plan on having a section with “recent forum discussions” on our newsletter, that might get things rolling. I suppose that people don’t often check the forum as it hasn’t really started yet. Please keep posting!

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