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    Sam Falaki

    There are now over 30 papers submitted,but some regular contributors did not submit any papers this year.
    So far it looks like we have a pretty decent conference, but the more the merrier!
    What do you think can be done to improve conference attendance?
    If you’re not attending, is there any specific reason?
    Please share your thoughts. We may not please everyone, but it’s worth trying.



    I’m planning to fly out from the west coast and attend with my friend Jerry. I’ve been watching the website for additional details about the conference. I’m assuming the conference is open to all members? Will there be a formal registration or registration fees required? Is there a schedule yet? Does the conference break out into separate (parallel) sessions? I see there’s a discount rate at the Radisson; thanks for that!


    Sam Falaki

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m updating the conference page this weekend.
    The conference will be great, lots of great papers being presented, and a wonderful crowd.
    The conference is open to all, but members (dues paid) get a discount.
    The non-discounted fee is $150, I believe (need to double-check) $100 for members, and will include an extension (one year form the conference) for the membership renewal.
    Presenter spouses don’t pay, I’m not sure about member spouses, I would need to check that, conference room sizes vary with price etc.
    We should be sending an email out shortly after we add the info to the conference page (under the News menu item)
    Note, the current conference page hasn’t been updated in a while.
    I’ll also post back here once the conference page is posted.
    This is a very good thread you started here, great for adding tidbits and Q&A that everyone can read. Thanks :)



    Sam Falaki

    All the conference details are on the conference page, registration is open!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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