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    Often Maxwell’s equations are described as linear except in some materials. To me that is not fundamental enough. I suggest that ultimately the wave equation of the Universe (if there are such things) absolutely must be non-linear. If light was linear then it could never be observed. Non-linearity and interaction are the same thing. Linear equations have zero interaction. We can see light and therefore its behaviour is non-linear. All of our senses depend on non-linearities for detection. Only with non-linearity does the Universe become interesting.

    Of course in most cases that we observe light it is at far below the intensity at which non-linearities begin to manifest. But intense lasers can achieve interactions.

    There are a number of people who, like me, think that matter is just a special case of electromagnetic waves. Particles are spherical standing waves of e/m which means that as the centre is approached the intensity of waves gets very high and so therefore do the non-linear effects. And as a result there are no infinities.

    For info on the wave nature of matter I highly recommend the books of Milo Wolff.


    Sam Falaki

    Ray I have enjoyed your youtube videos.
    When I came across Couder’s oil droplet walkers, reproducing quantum phenomena at a macro scale, the standing wave patterns made me think of the concept of standing EM waves for particles (as you suggest). I’d alsobe curious to know where I can learn more about resonance and standing wave patterns in 3D (spheres).
    Recommended viewing:

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    Nice graphic. Bohm was a clever guy, but I don’t think there needs to be a pilot wave for a particle because the wave is the particle IMO.

    Some links for 3D spherical waves:

    Also relevant is the mainly 2D study of cymatics and also oscillons. You will find a heap of stuff on cymatics with good stuff by Hand Jenny, and Guy … both doctors. My own little efforts which show me what charge might be and how particles might work (but obviously more complex in 3D) … these are actual experiments too.



    I’ll add this to our newsletter. I think people are not aware that there is activity on the forum and hence not visiting to check.


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