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    cycletivity.com – The Model:
    In this model Cycling is an absolute truth, whether it is a planet’s Geo cycle or the life cycle of stars, galaxy or that of the big bang itself. These cycles will occur they will be applied equally to all in the Cosmos. Whatever may lie in the path of an expanding star, supernova or an event horizon all will receive equal consideration. The underlying causes of these cycles and the interaction of existence, space, energy and matter comprise the holy grail of physics the theory of everything. In this model energy and matter cycles occur in what will be described by a four dimensional coordinate system that functions in an interwoven dimensional multiplicity that creates all that we perceive. Much of the missing mass of the universe will be represented as an unaccounted for and unperceived elemental presence. This model replaces the concept of gravity and applies only an indirect correlation between space and time while maintaining major aspects of relativity and string theory. We will attempt to define what is being suggested as an unaccounted and unperceived basic and fundamental supporting structure that in part helps to create the existence we do perceive in the next couple of paragraphs. The hope is to present a new perspective in a compelling rational argument that will help to remove the paradoxes and inabilities of our current theory’s that attempt to explain our existence.
    What is being suggested as an unperceived elemental presence? It should be understood that not all that is present in the universe is something that we as biological beings can experience. Not all in the universe experiences existence as we do, yet they are a presence and we clearly can experience their effect on our reality. A black hole is a glaring example of such a presence. At the event horizon matter is reduced to its most basic building blocks and time has ceased. This is not something a biological being will ever experience. It does exist and it affects what we perceive as reality, however, it does not experience existence as we do. A black hole is as relevant to the Cosmos as the reality we perceive and is a part of the cycles of the Cosmos. A black hole is an example of an unperceivable elemental presence that requires its own independent description. From our sense of reality an unperceivable elemental presence can be defined as a presence that we cannot directly experience or does not experience existence as we do, but on some level, it does exist, interacts with our existence and is a part of the cycles that are the order of the Cosmos.
    We exist in a presence that will identify as the realm of matter which is the part of reality that we directly experience with our senses. There is another presence which is a part of this reality that we do not directly experience that we will call the quantitative value of space which in this model it is the unaccounted for elemental presence. Combined, they help create reality as we perceive it by existing parallel to each other unless affected by certain conditions. What is being suggested here is that there are matter and energy cycles occurring between these two distinct elemental presences that cycle and create the reality we perceive.
    The quantitative value of space is a reference to space or what we perceive as the empty void. This model represents it as containing mass, thus the name quantitative value. However sparsely populated with what might be no more significant than a form of energy whose negative pressure against itself cause it to be self-balancing. The void exists because of the pressure and its quantitative value. Let’s apply a model, imagine a flat surface and now poor a glass of water onto it. The water will flow out and balance itself. Add a little or take some away and the water will rebalance. The quantitative value of space works in the same manner, if some is added or taken away it will seek to rebalance but on a three dimensional level. The quantitative value of space is not something we directly experience, but it does directly affect our sense of reality. We do not perceive the quantitative value of space which is why we believe it to be an empty void. The realm of matter, we perceive with our senses and it gives us our natural perception of a three dimensional existence that unfolds in a linear set of events. We can feel and touch it and see it at a great distance. Unlike the quantitative value of space which is sparse and more evenly distributed by mass the realm of matter tends to form greater densities of matter. A density, which can be defined as a grouping of matter an example could be anything from a nebula to a star. In the realm of matter, matter is attracted to matter and given the opportunity will exist in a density. When we refer to density’s unless otherwise stated, we will be referring to the significant ones that form the planets and stars.
    The cycling that is being suggested in this model is taking place between the quantitative value of space and the realm of matter. The quantitative value of space and its mass does not interact with the realm of matter unless in the presence of matter. An interaction occurs that changes the form of the quantitative value of space and energies matter in its function. This Creates positive pressure, giving opportunity for the quantitative value of space which is under negative pressure to flow into the realm of matter. The positive pressure is generated by matter using this energy in the process of its function. When matter is functioning at a natural and desired rate the positive pressure is at a minimum and when the matter is functioning at less than a natural and desired rate positive pressure rises. The functioning rate of matter will be discussed in more detail later, for now we will focus on the cycle. The contuse transfer of mass causes matter and the quantitative value of space to be responsive to one another, unless under the influence of greater forces. Since there is a transfer of mass from the quantitative value of space to the realm of matter this cycle can also be described as consumption. In a density due to the presents of a massive amount of matter and the sparseness of the quantitative value of space there is a natural struggle to cycle that occurs. As mass is transferred an imbalance occurs in the quantitative value of space. The quantitative value of space which is under negative pressure flows towards the density. This combination of the quantitative value of space flowing towards the density attempting to balance and the positive pressure increasing causes what we will describe as a consumption field around the density. In the realm of matter, we perceive the consumption field as space warping around great densities of matter which is a phenomenon that is backed by observation. Since matter is influenced by the quantitative value of space if it is not locked in a density it will flow and ebb with the quantitative value of space. This is why matter is pulled toward densities. A two dimensional model of this could be a whirlpool in the center of a lake where the vortex or center would be the density and the swirling water around it the quantitative value of space. Debris that gets caught in the swirling water around the vortex is sucked in. Matter that is caught in the consumption field; due to matter being influenced by the quantitative value of space, is pulled towards the density. The matter is drawn towards the density relative to the intensity of the consumption field, regardless of the weight or composition of the matter that is involved.
    This is why acceleration shares the same properties as what has been perceived as gravity again let us turn to a model. Removing issues of resistance for the hypothetical if we place a two person boat in the river and a wood chip a few inches long and start them evenly both the boat and wood chip achieve the speed of the current. When a water fall is encountered, they both go over the falls together regardless of their mass or composition. If we place them both in a still lake and position them evenly pointing head on at a barge and power the barge at them the barge hits them at the same time again regardless of mass or composition. Whether the boat and wood chip are driven by a current towards an object or an object is driven at them it does not matter both are affected at the same time regardless of mass or composition.
    This is the same effect that is occurring when you hold that wood chip and a ten pound ball of iron here on earth and drop them, assuming resistances are removed, they hit the ground at the same time because they are caught in the consumption field of a density. If you stand on the floor of an accelerating space craft and perform the same experiment they both hit the floor of the spacecraft at the same time. Whether the wood chip or the ball is being driven towards a density because they are caught in a consumption field or the floor of a spacecraft is accelerating towards them the effect is the same. This is logical weather they are being driven at an object by a current or an object is being accelerated at them the effect is similar logical and expected regardless of mass or composition. Gravity has been viewed as a field, a curvature of space and something called a graviton ? What is being suggested here is that the apple fell on Newton’s head because of an unperceived current influencing the matter the apple is composed of.
    In order for this to be a cycle the consumption the quantitative value of space experiences must be replenished. A consumption field consumes the quantitative value of space only in the sense that it changes its form and current function and the cycle the mass is participating in. Energy and matter cannot be destroyed, but they can be converted to other forms. What we perceive as waste I believe is the source that replenishes the quantitative value of space. Whether it’s emissions from the event horizon, a stars fusion reactions or energy radiating off of a heavenly body these conversions of matter to energy over space and time feed the quantitative value of space. Think of it in terms of the hydro cycle here in earth’s biosphere. Water continually changes form from solid, liquid, vapor or gas there is no waste in the process. The elements the water is composed of can enter other cycles like the rock cycle, but there is no net loss. The energies listed above are not wastefully dissipating into an empty void, but rather taking unperceived forms that are very relevant and reactive to the reality we perceive.
    Black holes were once thought of as the product of the life cycle of stars. The latest evidence has revealed their presence in newly forming galaxies and standing alone at the edge of the universe. Our generally accepted theories are not conducive to this evidence. Cycletivity represents the matter and energy cycles to be the foundation of the universe. This foundation I will describe as an “energy matter continuum”. In this model gravity has been replaced by a consumption field. It should be understood that a consumption field can be generated by any phenomena that causes the quantitative value of space to rebalance, mass may not be required. Black holes remain a dimensional singularity which by its very nature causes almost an infinite positive pressure on the quantitative value of space, a consumption that cannot be satisfied. A more accurate description of a black hole may be a dimensional singularity caused by an anomaly in the “energy matter continuum”. These anomalies are a product of massive pressure and energy releases like supernovas and the expansion and imbalances in the continuum. I believe that matter from the perspective of the cosmos is but a condensed form of energy. Energy is a dispersed form of matter. The balanced achieved between the consumption of energy and the conversion of matter into energy is ultimately achieved at the event horizon for all that is perceived and unperceived. The behavior of these massive singularities directly and indirectly affects galaxies in all stages of their life cycles. Energy and matter that are retained within the singularity does not represent the loss of information, but rather the conservation of information. To suggest otherwise would be the equivalent of suggesting that the polar ice caps on our planet represent a loss of water in our biosphere. Information lost from the perspective of a biological being but not from the perspective of the cosmos. Over space and time the mass contained in the singularity will take part in an expansion that will help reform the “energy matter continuum”, there is no waste. Relative to the life cycles of singularities the dimensional multiplicity of interwoven cycles that create the existence we perceive is perpetual.

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