ALFA theory has been tested successfully against many classic motion problems in physicsfrom Newton’s Bucket to Ruyong Wang’s FOC. Here we pick up the story by applying ALFA to the train gedanken experiment and then the light clock device of relativity, with the same results as before. A practical implementation of the light clock is suggested to validate claims made herein. The analysis again supports a mobile aether that can be dragged along by ambient matter motion and a laboratory frame anywhere on the ground that canand mustserve as an absolute frame, if the physics laws of motion are to be covariant. It’s strange that the effect of a wind vector on sound speed is well known to be V sound +-V wind, yet the same effectslike Doppler shifts and time delaysare seen when V light +-V aether = c+-V aether and ignored or rejected.

Keywords: relativity, aether, gedanken, train, light clock, ALFA

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