In the present work the author suggests a to the idea of “hidden variables” as a physical field (ether). It is shown below that the Schr?dinger equation can be derived from the deterministic laws of classical mechanics under the assumption that the ether exists. The reasoning is based to a great extent on the works of N.G. Chetaev. Formulas derived in the present work for the velocity of an elementary particle and for the forces exerted on the particle by the ether coincide precisely with those derived by V.A. Kotel’nikov using the standard probabilistic interpretation of the Schr?dinger equation. Therefore, the proposed classical approach agrees with the probabilistic one, and hence with standard experiments. The mathematical development of the proposed model when applied to an atom leads to the idea that structures are formed in the ether inside the atom. From the standpoint of this model, De Broglie’s?law of phase harmony? has a new physical interpretation.


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