Abstract: Gravity is considered as one of the four fundamental forces, but is not been unified with the other fundamental forces. Scientists are clueless about the weakness of gravity and hence, it remained an unsolved mystery. There are number of scientists who feel that there must be a physical mechanism for gravity which causes only attraction. Below hypothesis uses surface energy that is known as work has been done to create a surface. Surface energy quantifies the disruption of intermolecular bonds that occurs when a surface is created. Most of this work is utilized to create elastic membrane (if created) in liquid and for solid (consider Earth without atmosphere) it is to be utilized to conserve the law of energy, some of which converted in heat energy and remaining creates absolute internal pressure [4]. Here, the Young–Laplace theory governs, “If no force acts normal to a tensioned surface, the surface must remain flat”. Einstein predicted the same logic for space time geometry in general relativity that is why his predictions are confirming (refer figure 2), except related to graviton. Here, Inside pressure must be balanced by same magnitude inward pressure to conserve the law of energy. Earth atmospheric pressure (created due to air mass) tends to balance it. Here, the remained pressure difference is absolute which answers why gravity is so weak. Multiplication of this remained absolute pressure and Earth cross section area causes normal force that is to be balanced by same magnitude inward force that is known as gravity. Objects over the surface experiences vacuum drag towards the Earth cross section. That is why all physical objects experience same inward acceleration and seems attractive in nature. This hypothesis will give all known-unknown answers like why gravity seems it cannot be shielded, why universal gravitational constant value varies, Why Einstein’s gravity theory significantly changes at distances smaller than an atom that is because the surface energy concept in the limit of a single molecule not works etc.