Armenian Theory of Special Relativity


Robert Nazaryan1 & Haik Nazaryan2

1 Physics Department, Yerevan State University, Yerevan 0025, Armenia
2 Physics and Astronomy Department, California State University Northridge, USA


By using the principle of relativity (first postulate), together with new defined nature of the universal speed (our second postulate) and homogeneity of time-space (our third postulate), we derive the most general transformation equations of relativity in one dimensional space. According to our new second postulate, the universal (not limited) speed c in Armenian Theory of Special Relativity is not the actual speed of light but it is the speed of time which is the same in all inertial systems. Our third postulate: the homogeneity of time-space is necessary to furnish linear transformation equations. W e also state that there is no need to postulate the isotropy of time-space. Our article is the accumulation of all efforts from physicists to fix the Lorentz transformation equations and build correct and more general transformation equations of relativity which obey the rules of logic and fundamental group laws without internal philosophical and physical inconsistencies.


Keywords: Relativity, Relativistic, Transformations, Kinematics, Dynamics, Free Energy, Dark Energy

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