Einstein was very fond of using thought experiments when laying out his theories. But here in the general theory part of this book on relativity “That Anyone Can Understand”, he has lots of troubles doing this. I show how his line of argument is continually disrupted by confused reasoning and losing control of his facts. The most relentless cases of these are to be found in his man-in-the-chest experiment beginning on page 66. Farther on in the book he introduces what I have labeled the material point experiment, and I show how this one in its own way is even more exasperating to follow than the man-in-the-chest experiment is. However, the biggest flaw in his book is the fact that in the last six chapters (Sections) leading up to the closing one he never mentions gravity once in spite of the fact that it is the main subject matter of his general theory of relativity which is what this part of the book is supposed to be all about. I finish the paper by speculating over what happened to Einstein to bring about this puzzling breakdown in the thrust of his narrative.

Keywords: General Relativity

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