Principles of

the Natural Philosophy Alliance


The Natural Philosophy Alliance is opposed to the current scientific method implemented under the Post-Modern philosophy of science. Under the Post-Modern philosophy the truth or validity of different fields of science is no longer based on logical notions of truth shared across all fields as in the approach of the “uni-versity = one-version or truth”. Instead each field is supervised by a group of experts in order to police the borders of that field with politically determined criteria for inclusion or exclusion. Each field of study defines its own unique criteria for truth and meaning. Thus each field has become a somewhat independent silo of knowledge and truth.

The NPA wants to change the current philosophy of science and return to the ancient Greek approach to natural philosophy based on the logical approach of the axiomatic method. It wants the university to return to a “unified” logical approach to knowledge and truth instead of independent silos ignoring the knowledge and truth discovered in other silos. The NPA wants scientific theories to be falsified when found to include assumptions in disagreement with experimental observation. It wants scientific theories to be falsified when found to incorporate poor logic. It wants scientific theories to be falsified when disproven in another field or silo.

Following the words of Galileo “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual”, the NPA does not accept any authorities in science except logic and empirical data. Science is not a democratic process. Just as the world would have benefited from listening to the words of Galileo during his lifetime, the NPA champions the right and necessity of all natural philosophers to be given a fair hearing based on the logical and experimental basis of their work instead of its “political correctness” under the current philosophy of science.