Dates: 1997-06-09 – 1997-06-12

Where: Storrs, CT, United States Venue: University of Connecticut, Mathematics Department

Document: Abstracts


Conference Theme: “The Fundamental Postulates of Space, Time, Relativity, EM Theory, Thermodynamics, and Cosmology”

The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is devoted mainly to broad-ranging, fully open-minded criticism, at the most fundamental levels , of the often irrational and unrealistic doctrines of modern physics and cosmology; and to the ultimate replacement of these doctrines by much sounder ideas developed with full respect for evidence, logic, and objectivity. Such reforms have long been urgently needed; and yet there is no area of scholarship more stubbornly censorial, and more reluctant to reform itself.


Conference Authors & Papers


Domina Eberle Spencer Our Debt to Einstein
Domina Eberle Spencer, Philip J. Mann, Matthew Cross, Uma Y. Shama Weber’s Equation and the Scalar Potential
Domina Eberle Spencer, Wallace W. Bowley, Gerard Coutu, Uma Y. Shama, Philip J. Mann The Hering Experiment from Three Viewpoints
Domina Eberle Spencer, Wallace W. Bowley, Gerard Coutu, Uma Y. Shama, Philip J. Mann Overhead Welding from Three Viewpoints
Uma Y. Shama, Domina Eberle Spencer The Transformation Equations of the Electromagnetic Field Vectors
Domina Eberle Spencer, Uma Y. Shama Synchronization of Clocks
Philip J. Mann Unified Analysis of Electromagnetic Induction
Francisco J. müller The Distance between Two Bodies
Francisco J. müller, Neil E. Munch Discussion of Relativistic and Non-relativistic Theories of the Doppler Effect
Mahmoud A. Melehy Thermal Momentum in Thermodynamics, Part I, Rationale with Examples
Mahmoud A. Melehy Thermal Momentum in Thermodynamics, Part II Formulation
Cynthia Kolb Whitney Light’ is the Subject, not the Object!
Eric K. Begg Radiation from Moving Sources
Curtis E. Renshaw A Test of Relativistic Simultaneity
Curtis E. Renshaw Quantum Paradoxes
Neil E. Munch Clarified Relationships of Special Relativity and Doppler Equations
Neil E. Munch Examples of Conflicts in Special Relativity Resulting from Shifting Assumptions
Neil E. Munch What Exactly Are the Problems (If Any) with Special Relativity Theory and Tests
Milo M. Wolff Derivation of the Relativistic Doppler Shift and Mass-Increase Formulas Without Assuming Special Relativity
Milo M. Wolff Properties of the Ether and its Relationship to Natural Laws
William C. Mitchell No Neutrinos, No Big Bang
Edward G. Apgar Interaction Model of Long-range Forces
John E. Chappell Relativism, Constructivism, and the Biases of Modern Physics
John E. Chappell The Aether: Defined in Terms of Function, Conceptualized from Known Facts
Peter Graneau Red and Green Potential Energy
Hal Fox Stable Electron Clusters: A New Window on the Physical Universe
Dennis J. McCarthy The Hafele-Keating Contradiction
Alphonsus G. Kelly A New Theory on the Behavior of Light
Robert L. Stilmar The Nature of Gravitation, the Atom, and the Universe
Jeffrey M. Lee Non-Linear Time Motion and the Cause of Gravity
Paul E. Rowe Time, Mass and Velocity
Paul E. Rowe A Brief History of the Ether
Paul E. Rowe Hydrogen Gas from Vacuum
Pari Spolter New Concepts in Gravitation
Alexander A. Scarborough The Spacing of Planets: A Cogent Paradigm of the Origins and Evolution of the Planets
Hector Luis Bonilla Is Magnetism the Reason of the Existence of Gravity?
Jian-Miin Liu A New Test Theory of Special Relativity: Testing its Structures in Gravity-free Space and Time
Jian-Miin Liu An Inconsistency in the Theory of Special Relativity and its Resolution
Tom Van Flandern Implications of Relativity Without Einstein Synchronization in the GPS
Tom Van Flandern GPS and the Twins Paradox
S. Richard Hazelett Does Relativity Theory Explain Too Much?
S. Richard Hazelett Does Einsteinian Relativity Negate Freedom of Will?
James Carter E = mc2 Fallacies and the Non-Conversion of Mass to Energy
Donald Reed The Vortex as Topological Archetype: A Key to New Paradigms in Physics and Energy Science
Howard C. Hayden Problems in Physics Which Need Further Investigation
Philipp M. Kanarev The Main Axiom of the Natural Sciences
Lee Pugh The Earth’s Command Field: Gravitation and Geomagnetism
Shao-Zhi Xu A Brief Reexamination of Relativity
Sashibhusan Rath Reflection on our Picture of STC Space, Time and Cosmology
Jim Hodges Mathematicism and Atomism to Logical Etherism
Laszlo Szego, Peter F. Ofner Truth and the Special Theory of Relativity
Laszlo Szego, Peter F. Ofner Einstein’s Errors
Yochanan Fein The Galilean Invariance of the Speed ofLight.
Yochanan Fein The Speed of Light, a Fundamental Universal Constant, is an Uncertain Quantity in the Sub-classical Range of Measurements
Francisco J. müller Are Rotating and Translating Electromagnetic Systems Essentially Different?
Matthew Cross The Force between a Dipole and a Moving Point Charge
Domina Eberle Spencer, Uma Y. Shama The Transformation Equations of the Electromagnetic Field Vectors
Dennis J. McCarthy The Ether as a Preferred Reference Frame