Dates: 1994-06-20 – 1994-06-23

Where: San Francisco, CA, United States Venue: San Francisco State University

Conference Schedule (PDF)



“Challenges to Contemporary Views in Physics and Astronomy” Section of the 75th Annual Meeting of The Pacific Division of The American Association for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S.).

The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is devoted mainly to broad-ranging, fully open-minded criticism, at the most fundamental levels, of the often irrational and unrealistic doctrines of modern physics and cosmology; and to the ultimate replacement of these doctrines by much sounder ideas developed with full respect for evidence, logic, and objectivity. Such reforms have long been urgently needed; and yet there is no area of scholarship more stubbornly censorial, and more reluctant to reform itself.




“Universal Time and the Velocity of Light” authored by Parry H. Moon and Domina Eberle Spencer, is being presented at the 1st Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference in 1994 by Domina Eberle Spencer .


Conference Authors & Papers

Robert S. Fritzius Variable Electrical Charge Cosmological Redshift
J. C. Edwards Three Myths in Twentieth Century Physics
Francisco J. müller, Dale Means Solar and Galactic Sagnac Effects Might be Hidden in Published GPS Data of 1985
Cynthia Kolb Whitney Special Relativity Theory Aberrated
Jorge C. Cur Einstein’s Return to the Ether, a Fact Largely Ignored by…
Jorge C. Cur On the Improper Clausius Hypothesis in Establishing…
Henry P. Dart The General Formula for the Doppler Effect
Tom Love A Totally Unified Field Theory and its Implications for…
Robert B. Driscoll The Need to Define Fields as Causal Particles of the Quantum…
James DeMeo Energy in Space: Empirical Evidence & Implications for…
John P. Fernandez Mechanisms of the Aether and Atomic Charges
Peter Graneau The Need for Newtonian Electrodynamics in Modern…
Bernardo Gut The Place of Logic in a World of Relativities
Ronald R. Hatch The Experimental Basis for an Isotropic Speed Frame
Ronald R. Hatch Comparing Spinning Mossbauer, GPS, and VLBI Experiments
Alvin Joseph Hebert Cosmic Background Radiation: an Inertial Reference Frame?
Moray B. King Fundamentals of a Zero-Point Energy Technology
John B. Kizer Problems with the Theories of Relativity and the…
Wen-Xiu Li Paradoxes in the Special Theory of Relativity
Philip J. Mann Experimental Support for the Validity of the Gaussian EM…
Paul Marmet An Alternate Interpretation of the 3 K Radiation
Mahmoud A. Melehy Thermal Momentum in Component Thermodynamics
Mahmoud A. Melehy Component Thermodynamics and the Existence of Electricity
Parry H. Moon, Domina Eberle Spencer Universal Time and the Velocity of Light
Parry H. Moon, Domina Eberle Spencer The Gaussian Electrodynamic Force
Domina Eberle Spencer The Gaussian Form of the Maxwell Equations
Francisco J. müller A Survey of Problems Related to Faraday’s Disc and Unipolar Induction
Francisco J. müller The Electromagnetic Synthesis as a Unification Theory: …
Francisco J. müller Twelve Reasons and Two Experiments that Invalidate the…
Neil E. Munch Is There a Math Error in Einstein’s 1905 Derivation of SRT?
Brian O’Leary Consciousness, Free Energy and the Formulation of a…
Guy Obolensky Absolute Motion and Gyromagnetic Gain
Pavel F. Parshin The FREDCON Experiment
Lev A. Pobedonostsev Doppler Effect Investigation
Grote Reber Crucial Deficiencies in the Theory of the Expanding…
Paul E. Rowe A Newtonian Response to Special Relativity
Vincent Sauv Is Big Bang Cosmology Good Science or ‘Creation Science’?
Uma Y. Shama, Domina Eberle Spencer A New Interpretation of the Doppler Shift
Robert J. Tuttle Universal Fusion, and Adopted Explanations
George H. Wiseman The Quantum Paradigm
Milo M. Wolff What is the Real Electron? The Geometry of Space and…
Milo M. Wolff What are Length and Time?
Shao-Zhi Xu A New Explanation of the “Mass Velocity Relation”
Xiang-Qun Xu Two Conclusive Proofs of Variation of Light Velocity
Dale Means Crucial Tests of the Special Theory of Relativity: A Comparative Approach
Shannon F. Fowler An Open Letter to the Participants and Attendees at the “Challenges to Physics and Astronomy” Section of the 75th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Division of the AAAS
Edward G. Apgar Generalization of the Relativity Concept
Harold Aspden Inertia as the Conservative Property of Electric Charge…
Donald G. Carpenter, Robert S. Fritzius The SRT, Quantum Mechanical Unstable States, and Cosmology
Robert L. Carroll Four Variables, Both Necessary and Sufficient to Describe…
James Carter Cosmology Without the Principle of Equivalence…
John E. Chappell Reevaluating Contempory Science through Historical Research…
John E. Chappell Analyzing Special Relativity with Logic and Semantics
John E. Chappell An Ether-Additive Theory of Light Motion, Derived from…
Gerard Coutu, Domina Eberle Spencer Experimental Support for the Validity of the Gaussian EM…
Bruce R. Cunningham Prerelativity: a New Theory of Relativity



Edward G. Apgar
Lexington MA
Special Relativity

Robert L. Carroll
Fairmont WV
Professor of Physics
Died: April 13, 1997
Relativity, Astronomy, Mathematics, Toroidal Ring

James Carter
Enumclaw WA
Gravity, Nuclear Structure, Toroidal Ring

John E. Chappell
San Luis Obispo CA
Died: June 5, 2002
Relativity, Cosmology

Bruce R. Cunningham
Murphys CA
Aether, Redshift, Universe Origins

Jorge C. Cur
Delray Beach FL
Professor of Physics, Professor of Mathematics, Professor of Philosophy
Died: December 28, 2002
Relativity, Philosophy of Science

Henry P. Dart
New Orleans LA
Died: October 23, 2001
Antigravity, Big Bang

Robert B. Driscoll
Palm Harbor FL
Sagnac Effect

John P. Fernandez
Los Angeles CA
Died: August 15, 1996

Robert S. Fritzius
Starkville MS
Electrical Engineer
Emission Theory, Astronomy, Gamma Ray Bursters, Pulsars, Quasars, Time, Newtonian Physics, Electrodynamics, Walter Ritz

Bernardo Gut
Relativity, Logic

Ronald R. Hatch
Torrance CA
GPS Scientist
Relativity, GPS

Howard C. Hayden
Storrs CT
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Editor of Galilean Electrodynamics
Electrodynamics, New Energy, Global Warming

Alvin Joseph Hebert
Torrance CA
Died: November 2, 2001

John B. Kizer
Portsmouth OH

Tom Love
LaHabra CA
Lecturer, Mathematics
Aether, Quantum Theory

Francisco J. M?ller
Miami FL
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Independent Researcher, Musician
Natural Philosophy, Unipolar Induction, Relativity, Astrophysics

Philip J. Mann
Storrs CT
Research scientist
Gaussian Dynamics

Dale Means
San Benito TX
Died: March 5, 2001

Mahmoud A. Melehy
Storrs CT
Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Professor of Computer Engineering

Neil E. Munch
Gaithersburg MD
Mechanical Engineer
Light, Relativity

Guy Obolensky
Sloatsburg NY
Inventor, Entrepreneur
New Energy, Biophysics, Time

Paul E. Rowe
Mashpee MA
New Energy, Light, Gravity, Dark Matter

Vincent Sauv
Oakland CA

Uma Y. Shama
Bridgewater CT
Professor of Mathematics
Gaussian Dynamics

Norman Silliman
Nixon TX
Computer Programmer
Aether, Gravity, Fundamental Forces, Light, Interferometry, Gyroscopes, artificial vision, global warming

Domina Eberle Spencer
Roxbury Crossing MA
Professor of Mathematics
Electrodynamics, Gaussian Dynamics

Robert J. Tuttle
Moorpark CA

George H. Wiseman
Oroville WA
New Energy, Brown’s Gas

Milo M. Wolff
Manhattan Beach CA
Physicist, Astronomer
Astronomy, Cosmology, Quantum Theory